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Content services consulting

Your business content is a valuable asset – we will help you unlock the true potential of it.

Today, every business is a digital business – information is its accelerator

Turn the exponentially increasing amount of information, content and data into added value and new business with our enterprise content management consulting services. We help you forward with content management and archiving strategies, content governance, application decommissioning and offloading, business process automation and content migration.

Jouni Seppälä

Head of Content Services, Finland

Our services

Application decommissioning

Keeping information in legacy applications is not cost effective or scalable: the system maintenance alone can cause huge budget drain and blocks the possibility for application infrastructure modernization. Our application decommissioning consultancy package helps you through the hurdles.

Archiving strategy, business value and governance

Define your as-is and target states for archiving, assess the business value of such development and lay a foundation for significant cost savings and new business enablement.

Business process acceleration and automation

Let us pinpoint the pains of your existing processes and define new, automated target processes with the help of enterprise content management.

Content governance

Governance is required for a content management system to be of any real value in an organization. With our content governance consultancy package we assess what kind of content and information assets you have and how these assets should be managed.

Content migration service

Migrate all content and data effortlessly, regardless of source and target systems. Our automated content migration process saves you time and money in projects due to shorter time for integration and migration scripting, development and testing.

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