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Tieto Empathic Building

Tieto Empathic Building is helping employees feel happier, more inspired and perform better.

Design a workspace for success

Use smart technology in your office building to boost employee well-being, happiness, productivity and innovation. By understanding workspaces, meeting rooms and employee behaviour, buildings can become human-centric, instantly responding to issues and offering options for workspaces, equipment or colleague locations.

Promoting a smoother and more intuitive working environment contributes to a more motivated, agile workforce and a better workflow – with the KPIs and data to prove it.

Marc Salas Martínez

Head of Tieto Empathic Building


Boost happiness

Improve employees well-being and satisfaction.


Increase performance

A better work environment inspires collaboration and innovation.


Better experiences

Efficient employees and happy customers generate better business.

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Key features

Find your workstation

Find a space to work – with all the equipment you need – immediately.

Find your colleagues

Find the people you need in the building when you need them.

Find your room

No need to book meeting rooms – find a room and meet ad-hoc.

Find your atmosphere

Find a work area based on temperature, noise and air quality.

Share your voice

Get real-time feedback from your employees.

Create service tickets

Map and report technical or maintenance issues with location data.

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