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Tieto Blockchain Solutions

We create value for businesses and ecosystems by providing solutions for next generation decentralised business networks.

We are building smart societies where processes and transactions between parties are trusted, fully digital and automated

Internet was not built with trusted interactions in mind. However, the rise of decentralised solutions, such as blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT), have given rise to new types of ecosystems where businesses, public organisations and individuals can form trust relationships without involving middlemen. We work closely with our customers helping them explore how blockchain can digitalise and automate processes as well as validate technical and legal implications of using these technologies. Contact us to discover which new business opportunities blockchain provides for your industry and company.

Markus Hautala

Head of Blockchain Solutions


Blockchain training and workshops

Discover how to create immediate value for your business with blockchain solutions


Use case definition and design

Concretise the potential of Distributed Ledger Technologies for your business.


Business network solutions

Leverage the value of Decentralized business models

Use cases

Digitalising trading of non-listed company shares

This first-of-its kind initiative leverages distributed ledger technology to open up significant opportunities for companies, company personnel, investors, public authorities and financial service providers.

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In the spotlight

Businesses can have a fully digital identity

Discover more about blockchain technology-based business network that enables establishing limited liability companies fully digitally.

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Human-centred approach to data leads the way to a smarter digital age

How Blockchain has rapidly emerged as one of the disrupting technologies of the digital age

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Distributed business networks can enhance public-private collaboration

We helped to create a frictionless user experience for founding a company.

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Building digital Europe

Seamless access to data and the role of blockchain technology

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We have partnered with R3

Our aim is to accelerate adoption of decentralised business networks through open source blockchain platform.

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