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Värmdö municipality improve citizen services with the cloud-based solution Public 360°

Digitalise their processes and build even better services to their citizens

Mats Svensson

Head of Sales

The challenge

Before the employees in the municipality worked manually. It took a longtime to get a decision of a proposition. Värmdö wanted to improve their way of working and build better citizen services. Citizens are now used to doing almost everything online, and Värmdö have to meet their expectation with their services as well.

The solution

One system, one solution, for lots of workflows. With Public 360° they now have managed to digitalize processes. The municipality lifted Värmdö up to the cloud-based solution which ensures that they are always on the latest version of Public 360°. Today they save a lot of time as they can make decisions in the system and send the decision to the citizens directly. 

About the customer

Värmdö Municipality is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. Its seat is in the town of Gustavsberg. The municipality has a groving population with 44 000 citizens today.


Cloud Solution

Ensures that they are always on the latest version of Public 360°.


Better citizen services

Speed up services for the citizens with automation of workflows.



The tools are available everywhere. The employees are not bound to the workplace,

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