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Global leader in air treatment boosts productivity with CRM Cloud

Discover how Munters manages customer data in more than 30 countries and automates repetitive tasks.

Mattias Brandt

Sales Manager, Salesforce

The challenge

With employees in more than 30 countries and expanding operations in four business areas, Munters needed to centralize customer data and make information transparent across business activities. The leader in air treatment and climate solutions also wanted to consolidate systems and reduce costs.

The solution

Tieto was engaged as a full-service partner to assist with the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud for Munters worldwide. Tieto provided a roadmap and helped drive the process of change, successfully introducing a scalable CRM-system with support on a running basis.

About the customer

Munters has been an innovator in the field of climate and ventilation solutions since 1955. Headquartered in Sweden, the company has 3,800 employees in more than 30 countries and an annual turnover of EUR 650 million. Munters’ four business areas are Air Treatment, Data Center, AgHort and Mist Elimination.

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Centralized customer data

Integrates sales activities and provides a holistic overview of customer data.


Increased productivity

Provides real-time access to global data, faster quotation and automated KPI tracking.


Consolidated systems

Replaces disparate systems with a standardized cloud-based CRM with third-party integration readiness.

Munters wanted to modernize its customer data management by introducing a cloud-based CRM solution worldwide. The main objective was to bring business activities in more than 30 countries into line and to simplify processes, increase responsiveness and reduce costs.

The Swedish ventilation and climate solution specialist Munters needed a vehicle for centralizing access to customer data. With a global customer base and sales concentrated in the U.S, China and Europe, Munters decided it was time to adopt a standardized and scalable CRM cloud.

Inspired by the simplicity and flexible payment model of Salesforce, Munters set out to find the ideal digital transformation partner. Ulrika Sundström, System Manager CRM, Munters, points out that it was a straightforward choice.

“We assessed the landscape of options and concluded that Salesforce was the best fit, for which Tieto’s expertise came highly recommended,” she says.

“We set up a central transformation team, roll-out teams and superusers in each country. The productivity gains have been unmistakable as we now near completion. Tieto’s Salesforce implementation team have supported us every step of the way.”

Global CRM solution unlocks efficiency

One of Munters’ primary pain points was that teams worldwide, sometimes within countries, used different systems for customer data, tendering and invoicing. This hampered decision-making and provided the motivation not just for technological renewal but new ways of working.

Munters and Tieto set up a pilot project in the UK to establish best practices and to validate Salesforce before launching a global roll-out.

“We knew it would be a challenge to bring all employees onboard with a global CRM solution, but Tieto’s guidance has simplified the journey a lot. Cloud functionality and mobile support were two of our key criteria in the planning stage,” Sundström explains.

In addition to introducing a common way of driving the sales process and better opportunity management, the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud has enabled easy integration of sales data. This has allowed Munters to make a step-change and automate repetitive manual tasks.

“Whether our customers are based in Germany, China or Sweden, they can get faster response with standardized quotations and other documents. Data from our ERP-system is picked up automatically by Salesforce which has eliminated manual tasks such as updating local pricing in each country.”

“Reporting and KPI tracking have also improved significantly,” Sundström adds.

“We felt complete trust in Tieto’s Salesforce engineers. They were always well prepared, attentive to our business needs and ready to solve problems.”

Ulrika Sundström, System Manager, CRM

Change is in the air

Air treatment is a key business area for Munters representing 50 percent of the company’s turnover, in a market that is forecasted to grow by 8 per cent per year until 2023. The company has an installed base of over 300,000 air treatment systems.

Salesforce has therefore been rigorously tested by teams in the air treatment segment. Following initial Salesforce-training in the UK by Tieto consultants, Munters now manages first-line support independently.

“We had no previous experience of using a cloud-based CRM system. Tieto’s initial training has meant that we can transfer knowledge to the entire organization. We felt complete trust in Tieto’s Salesforce engineers in Pune who were always well prepared, attentive to our business needs and ready to solve problems.”

Following 85 percent completion of the global Salesforce roll-out, legacy systems have now been decommissioned. Tieto’s Salesforce engineers in Pune, India, continue to provide second- and third line support on a full-time basis.

The team is also working on migrating the project from Salesforce’s Classic UI to the new Salesforce Lightning platform with an intuitive UI which takes user experience one step further.

“The changeover to Salesforce Sales Cloud has opened up new projects. Our next step is to introduce a third-party collaboration solution to meet the needs of Munters’ external sales representatives in the U.S,” Sundström concludes. 

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