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Valmet: Global Project Portfolio Management implementation

Making deliveries more efficient and transparent with unified project portfolio management

Dovile Laine

Head of PPM solutions

The challenge

Valmet wanted to manage the quality and cost of delivery projects more efficiently in all geographical locations and across business lines.

The solution

Tieto carried out the global implementation of the project portfolio management system (CA PPM).The system enables transparent project monitoring and enhances timetable and risk management.

Valmet’s project deliveries range from machine and production facility components to dispatching entire production lines. The project portfolio management solution Tieto provided for Valmet is currently being used in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. 

The project management solution has 2,000 assigned and 1,000 users and it currently manages approximately 25,000 projects. Altogether, the system has managed over 100,000 projects. The delivery history is recorded in the system and the data can be utilized in future deliveries.

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About the customer

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet’s 12,000 professionals work all over the world. 


Unified project portfolio management

Standardized project portfolio management processes and tools enable consistency in all business lines and areas of operation, across the entire personnel and organization.


Everyday work made efficient

Unified procedures clarify job descriptions and areas of responsibility, while decreasing manual work and the use of different commercial off-the-shelf products.


Improved risk management

When delivery project management is efficient and transparent, it becomes easier to detect issues and intervene in them at an earlier stage.


Transparency into delivery projects

Valmet wanted to invest in the monitoring and controlling of their global project portfolio management. The aim was to increase the predictability, transparency and early detection of problems in the delivery projects.

The deliverables in Valmet’s different business lines have to proceed coherently, in order for the customer to receive the solution on time and on budget. Even the smallest of delays can affect the entire delivery timetable. Furthermore, delays can cause added costs and a decline in trust.

 The challenge was met by creating an internal project performance model, which was approved at all organizational levels. Once the personnel had committed to the change, Valmet began to evaluate the actual tools for project management.

We knew what we wanted to achieve with the solution. Tieto helped us to identify the features that allow us to achieve our goals.

Heikki Pyykkönen

Service Manager, Valmet

All project related data in a single tool for the first time

The tool was configured to support both the corporate level needs on overall portfolio monitoring as well as to support all project managers in various Valmet business lines.

The project portfolio management solution establishes clear areas of responsibility for different delivery phases. The solution has significantly reduced grey areas in the delivery processes. Delivery timetables, work phases and costs can be monitored in real time, now that the managing and monitoring of identified risks has been centralized.

The benefit of taking CA PPM into use was evident, since before no other tool had provided all project related data in one place.

The users have appreciated the solution. The tool is based on a widely accepted operating model, which has made the implementation easy.

Heikki Pyykkönen

Service Manager, Valmet

How Tieto delivered?

Tieto’s solution consultants and technical architects and specialists have deep knowledge of the tool. They provide daily support and continuously develop the solution.

The Tieto CA PPM implementation project was executed in phases and in three releases. During the implementation project, Tieto advised and executed the solution design and the technical implementation, including 13 integrations to related business systems, like ERP and financial systems. Tieto also adjusted tool features and terminology to meet Valmet’s different business lines’ requirements.

Tieto organized several workshops with key stakeholders to get the basic CA PPM solution logic right. The users were carefully consulted early on. The key users familiarized with the tool’s basic functions and got to influence the design, making sure the functionalities correspond with their needs.

Tieto was a flexible and agile partner, who also challenged us on our thinking.

Heikki Pyykkönen

Service Manager, Valmet

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