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Tieto and Göteborg Energi take the lead for service-based IT

Tieto will take full responsibility for transforming all of Göteborg Energi’s IT operations into a new, ultra-modern, service-based model.

Tieto Corporation

Keilalahdentie 2-4 FI-02150 Espoo Finland

At the end of 2015, Tieto and Göteborg Energi entered into a five-year agreement worth SEK 400 million. 

As the largest company in the Nordic Region within cloud services, 90 percent of our new business currently based on the cloud. Cristina Petrescu, Head of Energy Utilities, refers to the development as clear proof that service-based IT is now established in the energy sector and that this stands in clear contrast to the situation seen from a historical perspective.

“Previously, stakeholders in the energy industry managed their IT operations in a different way – most doing it themselves. Many now choose to outsource their business to specialists in order to free up resources and capacity to focus on their own core business. The aim is a streamlined model and automated core processes in order to focus on customer benefits, efficiency and cost optimisation.
“This is an important step for us in renewing our operations and ways of working. It allows us to save resources, increase our efficiency and focus on our core business, to deliver sustainable energy solutions to our customers in the region”, says Christer Lindström, CIO at Göteborg Energi.

Several important cornerstones

Mats Jadesköld, Vice President, Strategic Sales at Tieto says that the project involves modernising the entire IT environment at Göteborg Energi and includes replacing workstations and servers, as well as the establishment of a new and powerful service desk in-house at Tieto.

“One of the cornerstones of the agreement was a collaboration platform, as the customer had requested a completely new integrated intranet, a document management system, an advanced search function and a diary system. In order to be able to offer high quality services at flexible, low prices we have invested heavily over the past few years in Enterprise Content Management, which has really supported the development and we are now responsible for 20 percent of the Nordic market in the area. Last summer, for example, we acquired Software Innovation, which means we can now offer the market’s best solution in diary management for municipal businesses, Public 360.”

A further cornerstone of the deal with Göteborg Energi is Tieto’s integration platform, which determines how all the systems communicate with each other. It is also wholly cloud-based and the market leader in the Nordic Region, with some 40 customers in the Swedish energy market.

“The solution is fully scalable, so our customers need only use the capacity they require on a daily basis. Our expertise and experience from the energy sector has helped us in the work of developing this solution,” highlights Mats Jadesköld.

Scalable, with focus on security

One of Tieto’s greatest strengths is to offer industry-specific services and solutions to operators on the Nordic energy market. One such service is Tieto Smart Utility, which is a scalable total solution with particular functions tailored towards both electricity suppliers and distributors. Tieto Smart Utility is modular, which means that the customer can simply adapt and build a solution with new features according to their own wishes and needs. This, combined with the fact that the solution is accessible as a service payable per user, makes it possible to launch new services, reduce costs and retain focus on security.

“Questions have been raised regarding the security of cloud-based computing, but Tieto takes full responsibility for the supply chain and provides a complete ecosystem for our customers in order to be able to offer the solutions that are best suited precisely to their business. This responsibility also includes working in a sustainable way as well as to keep our services continuously updated in accordance with all regulatory changes and new requirements,” says Cristina Petrescu.

Important to understand the regulations

Both Petrescu and Jadesköld emphasise that the energy market offers large and interesting opportunities, and that they see a clear trend within the industry for more sustainability and flexibility.

“We work a lot with the industry in general, and have noticed that the demand for this type of services is growing. In cases where we take total responsibility, it makes it easier for the customer in the future, as our close contact with the authorities has provided us with good insight into the regulations so that we can adapt our solutions accordingly. Customers can feel confident in handing over their IT to us,” they conclude.

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