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Reduced administration time to improve quality of elderly care

How we helped Östersund municipality implement a new smartphone solution for in-home care services.

Jörgen Larsson

Head of Sales

The challenge

Lessen the administration burden of Östersund's in-home care services.                                                         

The solution

A digital planning, reporting and key system delivered via a mobile app.                                                     


About the customer

Östersund municipality is located in the middle of Sweden and has 60,000 inhabitants. It employs 5,000 people, with around 410 working in the home care service.


Östersund Municipality

Seamless planning

Day-to-day planning is easier to monitor and change as needed.


Easier reporting

Documentation can be digitally updated on an ongoing basis throughout the working day.


Better quality assurance

Better feedback on completed efforts, making it easier to assure quality of operations so that caregivers get the help they need.


Meeting the needs of an ageing society

With ageing populations and strict requirements for cost control, Östersund municipality needed smart IT support to streamline care administration.

The in-home care service wanted smoother key management and to make it easier for staff to handle patient information, while providing cost-effective monitoring for municipality management.

A 21st century solution

Tieto's Lifecare for elderly and home care gathers planning, reporting and digital keys into an easy-to-use app.

The app streamlines the administration of caregiving and provides better opportunities for monitoring to make sure the elderly have the help they need. Everything happens in a single flow based around the caregiver’s workday. Caregivers log in to see their schedule, click to unlock a patient’s door, document any incidents and automatically record arrival and departure times.

The greatest benefit is the ability to enter information during home visits. Previously, notes were taken on paper, then entered into the computer system when the caregiver returned to base at the end of the day. Now this information is instantly available to managers, district nurses, occupational therapists and anyone else who needs it.

The rapid feedback is also highly beneficial for communicating with relatives. When someone calls and is worried about their mother or father, they can get an immediate report saying that the home care service has been there and what help their relative received.

Östersund is considering expanding the solution, so that close relatives can take part in home care planning and find out about important events online or via a mobile app. This would increase relatives’ sense of security, while reducing the amount of telephone calls required of staff.

Introducing a digital solution

Östersund had been using Tieto's operating system for many years, and then added Laps Care planning system for home services. Recently, a digital lock system was also introduced, allowing care staff to unlock doors to enter a patient’s home using only a smartphone.

Then the unit started using Tieto's Lifecare for elderly and home care, linking the separate technologies together to help achieve a more process-oriented way of working.

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