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New digital services promoting well-being at work

XHub helped Elo face digitalisation. The project made developing digital services and understanding customer experience more concrete and agile.

Tieto Corporation

Keilalahdentie 2-4 FI-02150 Espoo Finland

Every company is currently thinking about digitalisation – what it is and how best to implement it in their field of business.

There is a constant need to develop digital services that take into account the special needs of customers. Pension insurance company Elo began to develop digital service models and approaches for well-being at work, with our Experience Hub innovation programme (XHub). XHub is based on fast innovation, the testing of ideas and validation by end users.

'XHub is an interesting programme. It combines two things: solving practical issues and finding a new way of development. At the same time, it allows us to see how we can be agile as an organisation.' Joni Tikkanen, Marketing Director, Elo.

The challenge

The modern world demands Elo to provide digital services that benefit customers. The development of these services has traditionally required a great deal of time and effort. There was a need to develop a faster working method.

The solution

The Tieto Experience Hub innovation programme discovers, tests and validates new ideas and solutions, together with business partners and end users. Within the programme, Elo began to develop work-based digital well-being services for its business customers.

The benefit

Assuming a new and more agile working method helps Elo to develop concrete digital services for its customers. Fast innovation and testing of ideas with end users weeds out bad ideas and supports the establishment of a positive customer experience.

'Occupational well-being can already be monitored in several ways. We are interested in how the data collected from such monitoring can be put to use to develop services. Digital solutions enable us to make occupational well-being services available to a broader group of customers. We have identified some superb tools for our development work in Tieto's Experience Hub innovation programme.' Eija Kaipainen-Perttula, Development Director, Elo.

Innovation through networks and open dialogue

'XHub supports innovation through networks and open interaction with Elo customers. This makes the development more efficient and ensures that the new services meet the needs of the users. Furthermore, we encourage Elo to step outside its comfort zone and recognise new business models from outside its sector as well,' said Tieto Business Consultant Fanny Vakkila.

The XHub programme stages can include, for example, innovation workshops with new partners, design projects, service design and the discovery of prototypes through hackathons.

'Everything is based on trials and receiving immediate feedback. If something doesn’t work, we don’t hesitate to change direction. This lets us know early on whether the idea is good, and whether there is an actual need for the service,' said Joni Tikkanen, Marketing Director, Elo.

Our experts directed the development and the new working method. Furthermore, we compiled a network of different operators to innovate together with Elo. 'Tieto managed to find good people with vision both from technology and digital services. Our operation has become faster, as the partners understand our field,' said Joni Tikkanen.

Services promoting well-being at work for entrepreneurs

The development of digital solutions was initially concentrated on well-being at work, and then, as the XHub programme progressed, the focus shifted to Elo’s business customers. In terms of the number of insurance policies, Elo is the largest pension insurer of entrepreneurs in Finland, so this new solution will serve a great number of customers. Digital services help entrepreneurs as they can be used in the evenings or at weekends, when Elo cannot offer personal customer service.

'We have received positive feedback on our personal service, so it is important to figure out how to get our digital services to the same level,' Tikkanen points out. According to Tikkanen, the participation of end users, eg entrepreneurs, in every stage of the development has been important. Furthermore, XHub has combined different sectors of business within Elo. 'Within the company, XHub has been a valuable project. It passes through the entire organisation and combines well-being experts, IT and business development. Everyone has been excited about the new approach and learned a lot,' Tikkanen explains.

'It has been a treat to follow Elo’s journey in the XHub programme. Their courage and enthusiasm to try out new working methods has been an inspiration to the entire XHub team,' said Tieto's Vakkila.

Mutual Pension Insurance Company Elo

Owned by its customers, Elo is a pension insurance company that takes care of the statutory pension insurances of its customer company employees and entrepreneurs. Elo is the largest pension insurance company in Finland: one third of all Finnish companies and over 40 percent of entrepreneurs have chosen Elo to manage their pension insurances. Elo is responsible for the future pensions of around 500,000 employees and entrepreneurs, and takes care of 210,000 pensioners and around €20 billion worth of investments. Elo kehittää. 

'The joining of two pension insurance companies is a strategic change that aims for more efficient operations and better resources for serving customers. The IT solutions must be able to realise these benefits, and a functional infrastructure is the foundation for everything. Tieto has an integral role in these efforts – when the platform systems have been fused, they must still be developed and modernised,' said Aaro Mutikainen, CIO, Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

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