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More streamlined and efficient production

Rather than working in the field with customers, Swepress Media's sales force was spending too much time in the office on administrative tasks. Tieto's ad solution: cross advertising.

Tieto Corporation

Keilalahdentie 2-4 FI-02150 Espoo Finland

Swepress Media coordinates ads sales for 12 newspapers and magazines in southern Sweden and a lot of ads and detailed reports were being sent back and forth.

"We lacked overview. We had no technology for when, how and where an ad would appear. Drawings and emails were sent back and forth and we couldn't work in the system outside the office. We were simply stuck," says Mats Nilsson, Sales Director at Swepress Media.

At a time when the newspaper industry is under pressure to cut costs and adapt to a new media landscape, it is essential to simplify and speed up the ads process. Tieto's cross advertising provides a single interface where staff can plan, administer, sell, book, produce ads, and manage invoicing. Sales personnel can offer fast and up-to-date multichannel advertising. The mobile edition allows the functionality to be accessed from anywhere at anytime, which improves customer service and speeds up the ad process. "Our ad production is streamlined now and much more efficient," says Production Manager Emelie Nilsson.

"Why should my employees have to come to the office after a customer meeting? It's better that they go to the next customer meeting. I want them to be as mobile as possible," says Mats Nilsson, Sales Director, Swepress Media.

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