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Metsä Wood: Open Source Wood drives innovation in modular wood construction

We enabled Metsä Wood to create an open source platform to gather innovation around modular wood construction and make it available to everyone free of charge.

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Jaakko Hartikainen

Head of CEM

The challenge

Metsä Wood wanted to increase the share of wood used in urban building to grow its business and make construction more sustainable.

The solution

Open Source Wood is an open source platform for architects, designers and engineers worldwide that makes wood construction easier by enabling smaller companies with no R&D department to share designs.

About the customer

Metsä Wood provides competitive and environmentally friendly wood products for construction, industrial customers and distributor partners. It manufactures products from northern wood, a sustainable raw material of premium quality.

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Gather innovation

Share insights and innocations around modular wood construction


Building the future

Make wood construction easier by enabling design sharing


Enable growth for the wood industry

Increase the share of wood used in urban building

Making wood element designs available for all

Only a fraction of urban construction is wood, partly due to the difficulty of finding knowledge and expertise in wood construction.

Metsä Wood wanted to accelerate the growth of modular wood construction, drive innovations further, and increase speed to market by making wood element designs freely available for all.

Its main objective was to increase the share of wood used in urban building to grow Metsä Wood’s business and make construction more sustainable.

The project has been very successful. We had a dedicated team at Tieto, and established very good cooperation. The agile method of working was based on trust and a common vision. We’re seeing a lot of people using Metsä Wood Open Source.

Mikko Saavalainen

Senior Vice President, Business Development Metsä Wood

Sharing innovations worldwide

Open Source Wood gathers innovations in modular wood construction from all over the world and makes them freely and easily available for everyone.

It allows architects, designers and engineers to share innovations and knowledge about large-scale, modular wood construction.

Open Source Wood gives usable designed alternatives for smaller local players which don’t have their own R&D departments, so they can have the same design capabilities as larger companies.

With users can find elements, modules and components reviewed by Metsä Wood experts; share innovation and feedback; connect with other professionals and receive support; and contribute as writers, photographers and hackathon organizers.

Open Source Wood is a pioneering open innovation project aimed at architects, designers and engineers, facilitating knowledge sharing and growth in urban modular wood construction.


An agile approach focusing on the end user

We approached the project with our proven, agile way of working, focusing on understanding and challenging the needs behind Metsä Wood’s idea to promote wood as a construction material.

During a very intensive four-week period we held 1-2 workshops per week, immediately creating prototypes which would act as a service for the community and reach thousands of people worldwide.

The key to this method of working is focusing on how the service would look like to end users. We did not spend too much time on technical problems at the beginning, but solved them along the way. The creative and iterative process empowered us to establish a common vision, proceed to next versions quickly, and rapidly fulfil Metsä Wood’s vision of making modular wood construction innovations freely available for all.

The outcome was an open innovation platform around modular wood construction that connects the local wood construction industry with global knowledge to increase the share of wood used in urban building.

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