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How did Skanska IT Nordic turn its software testing routine around?

Wanted: Testing as a Service

Anand Padhye

Head of Testing, Application Services

The challenge

During a large ERP renewal project, Skanska IT Nordic faced an issue regarding how to continuously assure the quality of their business-critical applications.

The solution

It was Skanska IT Nordic’s strategic choice to use an external testing partner instead of doing it in-house. They partnered up with Tieto to improve their Quality Assurance and Testing capabilities.

- We wanted Tieto to do the testing for us regularly in order to be able to identify anomalies stemming from system development, says Carl-Johan Fryxell.

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About the customer

Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups with expertise in construction, development of commercial and residential premises and public-private partnership. Skanska IT Nordic offers services and support for Skanska operations in the Nordics and globally.


Scalable licencing for testing tools

Tieto offered favourable licence agreements and pricing on test tools


Enough resources to ensure quality

Tieto has global delivery capabilities and global sourcing of competent personnel


Efficiency via test automation

Capability to run tests more frequently and more easily identify any flaws in the system


We did not need the full testing capacity in-house. We needed a partner with the capability to offer quality assurance and testing while the other vendors are developing the actual systems.

Carl-Johan Fryxell

Test Process Manager, Skanska IT Nordic

Carl-Johan FryxellWanted: Testing as a Service

– Today, IT is a business enabler which generates more business for us. It is crucial that we have high quality systems in place to keep our competitive advantage, Carl-Johan Fryxell, Test Process Manager with IT Nordic, explains.

Tieto came up with a well-prepared proposal on how to solve our quality assurance challenges. Among the factors that made us choose Tieto was that they had favourable licence agreements on test tools and a reasonable price, Carl-Johan Fryxell explains.

Tieto was a natural choice for us since they have global delivery capabilities and, therefore, offer global sourcing of competent personnel. If we would have chosen a supplier with only local operations, we would face the risk of having more bottlenecks in the delivery.

We are very satisfied with the quality assurance and testing partnership with Tieto. They understand our business and they have the resources we need. Continuous quality assurance improves our service quality and accelerates our business renewal.

Carl-Johan Fryxell

Testing automation made the difference

Earlier, the testing process was somewhat omitted which caused quality issues.

- With Tieto’s automated regression testing, we can run the tests more frequently and more easily identify any flaws in the system. As a result of that, we can use our own resources where they create the most value.

Tieto automated regression testing for a large ERP implementation (Oracle Fusion). Since Skanska in the Nordics has company-specific adjustments within ERP, they were in a situation where any upgrade of the system from Oracle can cause anomalies in their company environment. Therefore, the automated regression testing is vital to secure the robustness of the system, especially after any upgrades from Oracle.

Tieto was selected as a quality assurance and testing partner for Skanska IT Nordic in autumn 2016.

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