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Google tools enable cooperation at power plant construction site

Kilpilahti Power Plant in Porvoo is a joint effort of many companies and relies on a circular economy. Tieto supports the project by offering Google services and support for users.

Tieto Corporation

Keilalahdentie 2-4 FI-02150 Espoo Finland

Kari Kolsi, CEO of Kilpilahti Power Plant, knows oil refinery inside out. With over three decades of experience in the industry, now he is overseeing the construction process of a power plant.

The power plant construction site is a huge project which requires seamless collaboration between different construction partners, sticking to tight time schedules and thoroughly considering safety aspects.

"Prioritising, accuracy and careful documentation are in the heart of our working culture. Safety is a top priority, and with Google for Work tools all the relevant information is available for everyone in the project team. Working together also improves safety," Kolsi says.

Using Google was a leap into the unknown for Kilpilahti Power Plant, and Kolsi emphasises the importance of learning new tools because change is always a challenge for the organisation. Learning new is often all about finding new ways of working, and that takes time. Kolsi also sees the importance of Tieto as a Google partner: adapting new ways of working requires training, local presence and support. All this is provided by Tieto.

Administrator Henni Nikkilä joined the Kilpilahti project team recently, and she agrees with Kolsi about the importance of working together. She sees that to cultivate a culture of collaboration the proper tools must be in place. The team needs the possibilities to work on documents together and see how others contribute in real-time.

Nikkilä has also experimented with other Google products and has mastered AO Docs – a document management program running on Google Drive. She says that has additionally streamlined their working processes. "Obviously you could Google information online but then you couldn’t prioritise your own work. That’s what a Google partner is needed for - to ask questions and get answers quickly," Nikkilä says.

The power plant will be ready during 2018. The steam generation capacity is 450 MW and the electricity generation capacity is 30 MW which would be, for example, enough to provide electricity for 13,000 houses for a year.

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