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ASPIDER-NGI: Boosting European mobile operators’ business capabilities

Tieto’s Evolved Signaling Controller Product for improved connectivity

Lassi Rintanen

Sales Director

The challenge

Today, mobile operators face more complex network environment than ever before. Operators should be able to run reliably 2G, 3G, 4G and at the same time switch to 5G.

The solution

By deploying Tieto’s Evolved Signaling Controller product ASPIDER-NGI boosted their operator clients efficient network transformation from 2G to 5G and supported the growth of new innovative services based on the latest technologies.

Tieto's Evolved Signaling Controller Product

About the customer

ASPIDER-NGI is an operator independent company providing managed connectivity to build and control mobile solutions. The company delivers and supports voice, data, SMS, multi-IMSI and eSIM products to manage billions of connections for IoT, MVNO, Content and Corporate Mobile solutions. 


Better fit to operator clients’ needs

Ability to support better the growth of new innovative services based on the latest technologies


Managing complexity

More efficient coexistence of versatile networks from 2G to 5G


Improved IoT connectivity

Better capabilities to take advantage of the latest technologies

Our IoT business requires that we have the economies of scale to support our clients’ growth independent of the underlying interconnects. With Tieto, we can take advantage of the latest technologies and deploy across our global data centers.

Jan Mooijman


About the solution

Despite heavy investments in and focusing on 4G and 5G, 2G and 3G are still the backbone of many operator networks. This means that legacy network technologies need to coexist with the newer generations. The market demands better interworking between fixed and mobile networks.

By deploying the Tieto smart signaling products, ASPIDER-NGI can support a wider range of operators and their various network technologies and transformation from 2G to 5G. The solution also allows ASPIDER-NGI more seamless migration between its existing SS7, SIGTRAN and Diameter infrastructure. The solution is designed to serve various operators’ technology needs and future-proof investments.  

Referring news published May 2018

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