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Application integration ensures information flow and Vacon’s business continuity

“Application integrations have to work seamlessly 24/7, and need to be continuously developed according to business needs. If this doesn’t work, our business is affected immediately,” Mika Penttilä

Tieto Corporation

Keilalahdentie 2-4 FI-02150 Espoo Finland

Vacon, a global manufacturer and developer of AC drives, requires its IT environment to serve business effectively. This includes seamless application integration so that information flows reliably between different systems.

Tieto has provided Vacon with Enterprise Application Integration services since 2009 and currently takes care of application management. The integration is based on Microsoft BizTalk Server.

BizTalk combines all of Vacon’s business-critical applications, starting from global enterprise resource planning, order and delivery management, customer, sales and product data management systems, as well as the factories’ production management. In addition, Tieto offers consulting services and takes care of integration development.

“When information moves automatically without delay and processes work, Vacon can respond to customers’ needs flexibly and reliably with short delivery times,” summarises Customer Manager Mika Napari at Tieto.

Effective service, cooperation and integration development

The solution is service-oriented which enables new applications to be adapted easily around it. Lengthy cooperation has formed effective processes for integration development.

“When we develop new integrations, we have clear processes from planning to production environment. In addition, defined responsibilities minimise the errors. These have been important success factors in our latest projects,” Napari says.

The latest developments include a Microsoft BizTalk update in 2012 and MyDrive web store integrations in 2014. The use of the web store is constantly being extended.

“Ordering from the web store is quick and easy for our clients. It also brings transparency, as customers can see the product availability and they can track the status of their order. In addition, we have recently been implementing an integration for one of our major customers so they can order products through their own portal and the information goes automatically into our systems,” Application Specialist Hannu Rätti from Vacon explains.

Vacon has been satisfied with Tieto’s EAI services. The system is running well and reliably. On a scale from one to four, the customer satisfaction rating has been at four for some time now.

“Our cooperation with Tieto has been effortless because they know our IT environment, processes and the people in Tieto’s team have remained largely the same for several years,” Penttilä says.

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