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Agile development towards digital services at

Integrating the service catalogue for – providing services for citizens, companies and authorities.

Tieto Corporation

Keilalahdentie 2-4 FI-02150 Espoo Finland

The agile development of the

'The agile development of the service catalogue with Tieto has been smooth. The schedule has been fully respected and quality has been excellent,' says Janne Viskari who works at the Population Register Centre and is in charge of implementing the national service architecture.

The national service architecture enables building of safe service packages for citizens, companies and authorities according to the one-stop-shop principle. The Population Register Centre manages the execution of the project. For Finland, its success is a significant step towards realising the benefits of digitalisation.

We are responsible for the service catalogue, which can be used to find services for citizens, companies and authorities. Our experienced scrum team, which is mainly based in Ostrava, Czech Republic, carries out agile development.

'The service catalogue plays a major role, even though it is not a very visible part. In the future, it will contain up-to-date descriptions of all published services. The search engine is available at beta.suomi.fiand, if desired, it is also possible to search for contents through the open interface.

'After visiting the Ostrava office, I was left with the impression that the customers' confidentiality requirements have been take into account adequately. There are no special confidentiality requirements for the service catalogue as its contents are fully public and the source code of the application will be released as open source,' states Viskari.

In addition to implementing the service catalogue, we have integrated several basic catalogues, such the population information system, the vehicle data system and the business information system. All applications of the online service have been placed in the government data centre and capacity environment produced by us.

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