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Sogndal Municipality: a digital health record solution

How we helped Sogndal introduce a digital health record system to deliver efficiencies and ultimately improve patient care.

Johan Höglund

Vice President, Healthcare and Welfare Solutions

The challenge

Sogndal Municipality wanted a modern digital solution for handling patient records in their health and care services.       

The solution

The digital patient record system Lifecare eRom.                                                                                                  

Public Healthcare

About the customer

Sogndal is a municipality on the west coast of Norway with 7,800 inhabitants. Sogndal Municipality has skilled professionals who provide good healthcare, but face increasing challenges.


Sogndal Municipality

Safer patients

Better documentation and follow-up has led to improved patient safety.


Better routines

Cooperation between professions and shift transitions are more streamlined.


Increased transparency

Open information has produced an increase in confidence for employees, patients and relatives.


The challenge

Sogndal Municipality has skilled professionals who provide good healthcare, but increased documentation requirements – plus the need for efficiency and more accurate record-keeping – created challenges.

During treatment, patients receive assistance from multiple employees and various professions – creating challenges with collaboration, coordination, documentation of actions and right of access by relatives. In the event of employee turnover and inadequate flow of information, there is a risk of improper treatment, or the patient not getting the right help at the right time.

Better routines

Lifecare eRom provides a common solution for gathering patient records, and display screens in the patient's room allow employees to log in and see updated information about the patient while in the room.

'Elimination of sources of error and updated information minimises the risk of improper or failed treatment,' stated Tom-Freddy Braathen, Customer Representative, Tieto Norway.

Relatives find it reassuring to know that their loved one is receiving good treatment and being cared for. Previously, it was harder for relatives to gain insight into what actions were being taken. Our solution provides the opportunity to get updated information and further insight into the treatment process. This means more satisfied relatives.

'Digital patient records offer greater transparency for relatives. The visitors show great interest in the displays and are impressed by the standard of the municipality's plan of action and quality assurance in healthcare,' stated Vidar Leirdal, ICT Consultant, Sogndal Municipality.

'With more precise documentation and easy access to updated action plans, employees have more time for each patient, as well as information about the patient’s treatment.'

Vidar Leirdal

ICT Consultant, Sogndal Municipality.

Comprehensive system, complete implementation

We set up the patient record system in cooperation with the municipality and monitored the process the entire way. Our technicians set up and installed the server and software. The municipality's IT department was trained in the system's infrastructure so that the municipality itself could handle further roll-outs or system updates. We also provided training for employees and superusers.

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