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Tieto launches Tieto Data Incubator – welcomes all data-driven ideas

18 October 2016

To help Nordic organisations to pursue the significant opportunities of the data-driven world, Tieto established a Data-Driven Businesses unit in July 2016. The Data-Driven Businesses unit has already started to generate and deploy data-driven ideas together with its ecosystem, and now launches a Tieto Data Incubator, led by Taneli Tikka.

Tieto sees data as the new water – the prime driver for human experience and economic value in the future – and aims to co-innovate new and unforeseen data-driven services and business models. The new Data-Driven Businesses unit develops data-based ideas and turns them into mature business opportunities via idea incubation and commercialization – following lean startup methods.

With the Tieto Data Incubator, Tieto aims to incubate data-driven ideas and test if there is a business case behind them. Tieto Data Incubator works closely together with the ecosystem which Tieto is a part of, and the emphasis is on Nordic startups and innovators, not forgetting Tieto’s own data-savvy employees.

“Data-driven idea means that data is at the core of the business idea or business logic. Analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data brokerage and data marketplaces, for example, are all possible models. There is also an inverse test to check if an idea is data-driven: what happens if you remove the data from your idea? In analytics consulting, nothing much will happen; you can still carry on consulting. But if your idea is something like intelligent garbage bins and truck routes for their orchestrated collection and you remove the data, you have nothing to go on. Clearly, the former is not a data-driven idea, whereas the latter clearly is, explains Taneli Tikka, Head Tieto Data Incubator, Data Driven Businesses.

Tieto is now inviting innovators, teams and startups to join forces in creating this data-driven future business. With Tieto, innovators can get access to a unique environment in which to develop a data-driven idea, with the best possible coaches, thanks to Tieto’s unique position to put the best partners and global technologies together. What is also important, is that together with Tieto, developers can get access to the significant client potential in the Nordic market.

 “We warmly welcome all ideas from our ecosystem. Tieto Data Incubator is like a top-notch racing team: we have a super car waiting for you here. All the required technology. The pit crew is standing by, and catering is arranged. Everything is ready for you to come here as the driver and decide what data-driven idea to work on”, concludes Tikka.

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Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. We aim to be customers’ first choice for business renewal, by combining our software and services capabilities with a strong drive for co-innovation and ecosystems.


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