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Tieto launches eBook about Digitalization

26 January 2016

Now available for tablets through the AppStore and Google Play, the Tieto eBook showcases Tieto’s professionals’ insight to the challenges and opportunities of the digitalization.

Tieto’s business is to act as catalysts for digitalization for private and public sector. Almost 50 years of operating in the intersection of business and technology and helping thousands of Nordic customers to digitalize their businesses, Tieto has gained valuable insight on digitalization.

In the eBook Tieto’s 60 experts (and beyond) share their insights and advice to the most burning questions on the Nordic customers’ agenda:  how to accelerate businesses, boost operational benefits and identify new sources of growth.

“Everything around us that can be digitalized will be digitalized. The thoughts contained in Tieto’s eBook give readers a glimpse into the insights we have gathered through working with a wide range of companies over the years,” comments Kia Haring, Head of Global Communications at Tieto.

With the eBook, Tieto aims to accelerate the digitalization discussion in the Nordics and present the topic through various lenses.

“We at Tieto try to challenge ourselves and change our perspectives - that is why in the eBook we talk about digitalization from a variety of different viewpoints. Digitalization offers many benefits to businesses such as superior customer experiences, operational benefits and it opens up new possibilities like new business models”, Haring continues.

Ready to change your perspective?
Download and read the eBook
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Android version:

From the Tieto eBook:

 “The gravest risk is to stand still and do nothing at all”, urges Taneli Tikka, Head of Industrial Internet, Tieto

“Do you want to lead or die?” Asks Mahes Desai, Head of the large deals team, Tieto.

In order to succeed in the future, we need new ideas, inspiration and creativity” Mikko Leinonen, Head of Customer Experience Management, Tieto

“The key is the ability to learn and adapt in an ever changing environment”, says Satu Kiiskinen, Head of Consulting and System Integration, Tieto.

I challenge all businesses and societies to get the most from the benefits of digitalization and take a bold step forward towards new growth opportunities”, concludes Kimmo Alkio, CEO and President of Tieto.

Video links:
Mahesh Desai tells about the importance of digitalizing your business

Satu Kiiskinen talks about competences needed in the era of digitalization


For more information:
Kia Haring, Head of Global Communications: kia.haring[at], +358 40 765 3700


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Tieto is the largest IT services company in the Nordics providing full lifecycle IT services. We also provide global product development services for companies in the communications and embedded technologies arena. Through industry insight, technology vision, and innovative thinking, Tieto proactively strives to inspire and engage our customers in finding new ways of accelerating their business.

Building on a strong Nordic heritage, Tieto combines global capabilities with local presence. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Tieto has over 13 000 experts in more than 20 countries. Turnover is approximately EUR 1.5 billion. Tieto’s shares are listed on NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm.

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