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Investing in Tieto

Be part of a leading Nordic software and IT services company for growth and returns above the market

Detailed analysis and insight

Information for existing and potential investors

Tanja Lounevirta

Head of Investor Relations

In the spotlight

Our company

Our consulting, software and service capabilities help our customers capture the opportunities of the data-driven world.

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Our long-term success requires a business model that integrates sustainability and ethical business.

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Reporting structure

Our structure is based on businesses as the primary reporting segment whereas countries drive market share.

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Market opportunity

Clear market opportunity based on customers’ agenda to drive new businesses and improve efficiency

Nordic leadership

Investing in growth – Nordic leadership and international expansion of scalable industry solutions

We are sustainable

Tieto is a sustainable choice – focus on sustainable choices will be vital for any companies and environmental impacts will be weighed up even more precisely in the future


Delivering results in line with our financial objectives and attractive dividend policy

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