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Group management

Our operative management consists of the President and CEO, the Leadership Team and the Industry Group, Service Line and Product Development Services organisations

The President and CEO is appointed by the Board and is responsible for the Group’s operative management, internal efficiency and quality. The President and CEO is assisted by the Leadership Team, which includes the heads of Industry Groups and Service Lines, head of Data-Driven Businesses, the CFO, the CTO and the head of HR. The Industry Solutions Service Line includes the Data-Driven Businesses unit organised independently of other businesses.

Appointments of Leadership Team members are approved by the Chairman of the Board, based on the President and CEO’s proposal. You will find details on the tasks and work of the management in the Corporate Governance Statement.

Kimmo Alkio
President and CEO

Kimmo joined Tieto in 2011, and bring over 30 years of technology experience, from senior roles at F-Secure, Nokia and Digital Equipment Corporation.

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Håkan Dahlström
Executive Vice President - Technology Services and Modernisation.

Hakan joined Tieto in 2014, following an entrepreneurial role in the field of Internet of Things, various management positions with Telia, and many years with the Swedish armed forces.

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Tomi Hyryläinen
Chief Financial Officer

Tomi joined Tieto in 2018, following a long career at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has gained broad international experience, working for example in Sweden and in Silicon Valley, US.

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Ari Järvelä
Executive Vice President - Data-Driven Businesses, Business Consulting and Implementation

Ari has worked with Tieto since 2001, in various management positions across forest and manufacturing, Finland and the Baltics, and Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics.

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Satu Kiiskinen
Executive Vice President - Industrial and Consumer Services

Satu Joined Tieto in 2013, following various management positions with Elisa, Bearing Point, Netigy and KPMG.

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Katariina Kravi
Executive Vice President - Human Resources

Katariina joined Tieto in 2012, following a long career with Nokia.

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Tom Leskinen
Executive Vice President - Product Development Services

Tom joined Tieto in 2013, following various management positions in over a decade with Nokia.

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Cristina Petrescu
Executive Vice President - Public, Healthcare and Welfare

Cristina joined Tieto in 2002 following a lengthy career with Ericsson.

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Christian Segersven
Executive Vice President - Financial Services

Christian joined Tieto in 2013, following senior positions with IBM, ASAN Security and Done Solutions.

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Markus Suomi
Chief Technology Officer

Markus joined Tieto in 2018, following senior positions with Finpro, Web of Trust Services, Symbio, Flander and Nokia.

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