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Interest-bearing liabilities as at 31 December 2018

• Interest-bearing liabilities EUR 302.4 (234.7) million
• Interest-bearing net debt EUR 137.4 (155.7) million
• Gearing 28.5% (32.7)
• Equity ratio 41.3% (42.5)

Our credit programmes Amount Matures
Bond EUR 100 million Sep 2024
Loan from European Investment Bank EUR 85 milllion  
Commercial Paper Programme EUR 250 million  
   in use on 31 Dec 2018 None  
Committed syndicated credit facility EUR 150 million May 2021
   in use on 31 Dec 2018 None  

Our group treasury actively follow the money market and is in line with the Group Treasury Policy, which hedges against interest rate risk. Forward rate and interest rate swap agreements are also possible if desired.

Bond 2018 - 2024
Listing prospectus

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