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Tieto Talks

- Perspectives on a data-driven future

Ina Engelbrektson

Senior Strategic Marketing Manager

Date and place

5 - 12 March, 2019

Stockholm & Helsinki

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Welcome to Tieto Talks!

At Tieto Talks, we will continuously share our best experiences and tips in various current areas with links to digitization and new data-driven technologies and solutions.

Do you want to start the morning with a lovely breakfast and concrete insights about the future? Then Tieto Talks is the place for you! With a freshly brewed cup of coffee in your hand and with Tieto's experts at your service, we turn into trends and challenges and transform them into practical experiences and tips.

Our first Tieto Talks will be about cybersecurity. Do not miss that!

Breakfast seminar in Stockholm & Helsinki: 

How highly is cybersecurity rated in your organization?

Few hesitate that digitalization and digital services create great opportunities and benefits for society, companies and citizens alike. But we also know that digitization introduces new challenges. One of these is security.
The World Economic Forum has listed the cyber threats as one of the three greatest existential threats for both business and society and never before has security regarding data and privacy in connection to personal data been more urgent.

  • How to balance data security while increasing the demands for faster deliveries of digital services?
  • How do you take care of their cyber health in the best way?

These are some of the questions our experts will answer in order for your company to be able to free up your entire digital potential - safely.

Welcome to our first Tieto Talks with cybersecurity on the agenda.

The breakfast is on the house!

Read more and enroll:

Click here to sign up (Sweden): Tuesday, March 5 (in Swedish)

Click here to sign up (Finland): Tuesday, March 12 (in Finnish)


Welcome back continuously! We will update this page with new exciting Tieto Talks opportunities over time.

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