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Learning and expert communities

Our success is based on our people.

We believe that learning and growing together helps us to become better every day, as well as providing valuable customer insights. Technology and our customers' expectations evolve. That's why we invest in learning, working with some of the best partners in the world and creating communities for innovation and co-creation.

Digitalisation creates opportunities to learn in new ways. We believe that most of our peoples' learning happens in their everyday lives. Social learning, targeted education, coaching and mentoring all help our people to build their knowledge and competences. A curious mind knows no limits.

Our Learning as a Lifestyle initiative creates lifelong opportunities for our people. Our own experts have been enthusiastic to share their knowledge – we nurture this mindset among all of our employees. We aim to Share, Teach and Inspire.

Our expert communities are a great place to get to know colleagues, share knowledge and explore the latest thinking. A few of these communities include: Designer, DevOps, Architect, Blockchain, Sales, Young Professionals, Virtual Reality, Public Cloud and Project Manager.


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