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Application and Product Development

05 February 2019 - 05 May 2019

Product Development Services

About us

We are looking for an experienced developer who loves to work on web applications. In our development team, you will work on new projects, customer solutions and contribute to existing applications. We are developing fleet management and vehicles location platform.

You will join our frontend team, deeply involved in creating world-class applications. You will work on interesting projects and you will need to tackle challenging technical issues. With a focus on development, your ability to quickly understand complicated code bases will allow you to create the best solutions (including architecture) for web experiences.

You should have strong technical expertise and demonstrated capabilities to identify technical risks and devise mitigating solutions for them. You have excellent communication skills that allow you to collaborate and communicate effectively with other technical stakeholders in very large team.

You will

  • Build web experiences as part of an integrated team of developers, testers and designers.
  • Follow engineering best practices (code review, refactoring, continuous integration, etc.)
  • Develop including testing (unit testing & automation)
  • Iterate features with our designers and user feedback to continually improve our products

What’s our tech stack?

  • ReactJS
  • Bamboo for our pipeline, AWS for our servers, Docker based
  • Git/Bitbucket as source control system


What are we looking for in you?

  • Excellent programming skills using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5
  • Experience with responsive design
  • Good understanding of browser limitations and platform specific differences and quirks
  • Strong track record of developing and delivering world-class web applications
  • You are comfortable working side-by-side with designers to get the UX perfect
  • Knowledge of JavaScript build systems
  • Fluent in English, both in spoken and written form
  • Experience with SCM systems like Git
  • Experience in Agile software development
  • Experience with Continuous Integration systems like Bamboo
  • Experience with automated testing frameworks like Jasmine, Selenium, Cucumber

Personal characteristics

  • You take initiative and make things happen
  • You like to make work fun
  • Willing to learn and share knowledge with others
  • You use feedback (giving and receiving) to improve yourself and others on your team
  • You are obsessed about continually making things better
  • Excellent team player skills; willing to learn and share knowledge with others
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