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We are now looking for a talented and dedicated team members to our growing team

Are you interested in working with true pros in data science, data engineering and architecture, advisory, security and software development? We are a team of 80 talented and driven experts that have ambition to lead change.

Curiosity, sharing and learning characterizes our working culture. We are not fixed to selected technologies or tools, but have the autonomy to come up with the best possible solutions for any problems we face. With us you get to work e.g. with big data, machine learning, cloud technologies, Kubernetes, Databricks, Snowflake and Apache Spark.

Being part of Tieto gives you muscles to truly have an impact – Make Your Mark. 


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Meet our people

Miikka Ermes, Lead Data Scientist

Miikka Ermes from Tieto

Our Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing team develops tools and solutions for healthcare professionals to utilise big health data and machine learning in clinical care and research. Read more about Miikka's work!

Niina Siipola, Senior Project Manager

Niina Siipola from Tieto

Niina works as a Senior Project Manager in the Intelligent Wellbeing solution team in Data-Driven Business. Her team is developing powerful data analytics solutions, which are significantly improving our customers business and daily life. Read more about her daily tasks and projects.

Emmanuel Raj, ML Engineer


There is no denying that we are well into the era of Artificial Intelligence, spurred by algorithmic, and computational advances, the availability of the latest algorithms in various software libraries, cloud technologies, and the desire of companies to unleash insights from the vast amounts of untapped unstructured data lying in their enterprises.. Read more how our AI team works. 

Customer cases

Finnish Defence Forces

A pilot project between the Finnish Defence Forces, Suunto and us is enabling conscripts and reservists to track their physical activity and wellbeing. In this project we combine our consulting, data platform and blockchain knowhow to collect anonymised data, which creates a comprehensive view of the age group's wellbeing, risk groups and the impact of measures for improving wellbeing. The framework can be applied in a range of areas, such as healthcare, occupational wellbeing and basic education. Read more. 

Finnish Olympic Committee

In a joint pilot project, the Finnish Olympic Committee, Polar and Tieto are testing a new system for gathering and analyzing the personal performance data of athletes. The solution calls for a secure, centralized platform where data can be gathered with the consent of the athletes as well as easily analyzed to support coaching. This is an area where Tieto has a lot of expertise and it thrills us to be able to support the development of Finland’s top athletes. Read more here.

City of Espoo

The City of Espoo wanted to develop services centring on customer wellbeing and needs. The goal was to combine separate information sources with AI, in order to create customer and service paths. One of the most important results of the project was confirmation that artificial intelligence could be used in planning social and healthcare services and in predicting individual wellbeing. During the project, for example, a risk forecasting model was developed which can predict child welfare client relationships up to five years ahead. Read more

Empower people and businesses

TietoEVRY creates digital advantage for businesses and society. We are a leading digital services and software company with local presence and global capabilities. Our Nordic values and heritage steer our success.

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