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Tieto Young Professionals utilize the power of networking across country borders

Tieto Young Professionals from Norway and Finland gathered for a traditional assembly, this year taking place in London.

Krista Karttunen / November 04, 2019

In late October, a bunch of Tieto Young Professionals from Norway and Finland gathered for a traditional assembly, this year taking place in London. During the weekend abroad, we had a great time meeting other young professionals and increasing our collaboration with Google.

During the trip focusing on networking, Tieto Young Professionals attended a workshop with one of our partners and enjoyed some leisure activities afterwards.

The workshop activity, which was facilitated by Google, started off with a Kahoot competition and then continued with an introduction to Google Cloud products and company culture. As a group assignment, cross-Nordic teams had a chance to put their pitching skills to a test, the best pitch winning goodies related to Google Cloud, of course. We practiced team working skills but also defining ideas. Pitching skills are useful regardless of the job title; whether you are selling a product or have an idea you want to get across.

As an after work(shop) activity, Tieto Young Professionals were treated to a distillery tour in one of London's vodka distilleries. While sipping some tasty local produce, the distillery tour revealed the fine art of making vodka and gin as well as explaining the business around it. The day was completed with our personalised, TYP-labelled double-decker ride along the Thames and a cosy dinner as the final flourish. 

The weekend put all participants in a fantastic mood, not only when in London, but also in the offices afterward. We had met a lot of new people, connected socially with colleagues, made new friends and also learned something new.

Thanks to all who went to the great trip, and to Tieto for providing a chance to increase the feeling of connectedness among young professionals across the Nordic countries. We are, after all, one Tieto.

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Krista Karttunen
Customer Lead, Customer Experience Management

Krista Karttunen started as a Project Manager in Public360 providing public sector clients an easy-to-use case management system. Krista recently joined eCommerce team in CEM and now works as a Customer Lead for customer is telecommunications and pharmaceutical sectors. Krista is also part of Finland Young Professionals core team and actively drives opportunities for young professionals here at Tieto.


Krista Karttunen

Customer Lead, Customer Experience Management

Anette Hansen

HR Generalist

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