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Milk trucks aid road repairs

Utilising an existing road user - milk trucks - to assess and report on road conditions shows efficiency and financial savings.

The Finnish roads must be in good condition to allow Valio, the Finnish dairy producer, to carry out its daily milk transport runs. But safe roads are also beneficial to residents in rural areas, schools, postal transports as well as the forest industry.

Together with the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA), the ELY Centre for North Savo and Valio, we have organised a pilot to test the use of a milk truck information system to survey roads. Since milk must be collected from farms at least every other day, Valio has nearly 100 milk trucks on the road every day of the year. Each one of these trucks covers around 275,000 kilometres of road per year.

Valio’s milk truck drivers observe the road quality, assess repair needs and report them through the information system we developed. The benefits of the system include real-time monitoring of road quality, anticipation and swift addressing of problems where necessary, and also more satisfied road users in rural areas. And of course, fresh milk on the table, every day.

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