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#Wecare – Tieto's 50th anniversary a year of giving back

During our 50th anniversary year, we accelerated our actions in strengthening digital democracy, driving inclusiveness and increasing digital equality in the society.

Tieto has played a big and remarkable role in digitalizing Nordic societies over the past half century – we have been part of citizens' everyday lives, building a better future and society through our expertise. It is a legacy we want to continue building long into the future.

Nordic countries are among the most digitalized societies in the world when it comes to public services and business life. Today, advanced skills are needed across the job market and when using citizen services.

However, this progress masks a digital divide and growing polarization among different segments of society. The same tools, skills and knowledge are not always accessible for everyone – especially the elderly, children from underprivileged backgrounds or refugees and asylum seekers. The digital gap among different groups is wider and more complex than just a Wi-Fi password.

We believe businesses should take more active responsibility in tackling societal challenges. In our ever quickly transforming society, it is everyone's responsibility to take part and help increase digital equality with our collective expertise, skills and knowledge. We believe everyone should feel they are part of the digital society.

As part of Tieto's 50th anniversary year in 2018, we launched a Nordic Volunteer Program. Tieto employees were able apply to use their working hours for volunteer work with our societal engagement partners. This was a launch of Tieto's long term commitment where employees can contribute to a cause on their work time – and will continue going forward.

The main focus of Tieto's societal engagement collaborations is digital democracy – standing up for equal opportunities, and driving inclusiveness through digitalization. We take our part seriously and we want to show that #wecare.

Creating value with our societal engagements

Tieto has a long history of collaborating with societal engagement partners. Most recently, since the beginning of 2018, we have extended our collaborations with our existing partners and joined forces with new ones to work together towards a more equal digital society.

We continued our cooperation with My Dream Now in Sweden, Children and Youth foundation in Finland, and Identity Foundation and Lila Poonawalla Foundation in India – all doing a great job of supporting educational needs among children. In addition, we have started new collaborations with StartUp refugees in Finland, HelloWorld in Sweden and Gi bort dagen in Norway.

With Startup Refugees we are collaborating to help refugees and asylum seekers to strengthen digital competencies and support the integration to the Finnish labor markets and the society. Finding work can change refugee's life from passive to active, and it has several positive outcomes for the society. As part of the collaboration, we organize workshops on digital skills for refugees focusing on their specific needs. Read more here.

With Children and Youth Foundation we are collaborating to support young people in strengthening their life skills, working life competencies, and finding their place in the society. Tieto volunteers organize workshops for young people and visit Valma preparatory education classes in schools to inspire youth to reach out for their dreams. Read more here.

As part of our societal engagements in 2018, we also donated a day at Linnanmäki amusement park for 2,000 children and adolescents in collaboration with Children and Youth Foundation, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and Save the Children Finland (the article in Finnish).

Read more about our societal engagement partners here.

Voices and perspectives – get to know our partners and collaborations

Watch a video of our collaboration with StartUp Refugees: 

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