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Tieto partners with Me & MyCity

We support with helping children learn work life and business skills

Tieto is a partner of Me & MyCity, a learning concept aimed at school children, covering society, working life and entrepreneurship. Over 22,000 students have visited the village and a simulated Tieto office, developing their work life, social and digital skills.

Tens of thousands of socially excluded children, constantly growing youth unemployment, challenges in the economy – sounds familiar? Together with the schools, the government and other businesses, Tieto and Economic Information Office TAT are trying to tackle these societal challenges and develop children’s work life skills.

“At Me & MyCity, we teach children about individual’s role as part of the society, show how economy works and help to develop their technical knowledge and social interaction – skills that many children and youth are lacking, but that are extremely important in today’s society”, says Heidi Lindholm, a regional Manager from Me & MyCity Helsinki.Tieto and Me & MyCity started the collaboration three years ago. The learning environment is a miniature city where students work in a profession and function as consumers and citizens as part of society. During 2015-2018, more than 70 000 students and teachers have participated in the villages around Finland.

Tieto simulation teaches children future work life skills

The Tieto office located in Me & MyCity offers lower secondary school students the possibility to experience one day as a Tieto employees. The students go through a simulated recruitment process, apply a position they’re interested in and practice “real work” during one day.

”Students can apply as Chief Innovators, Intelligent Architects or Media Mixers at Tieto office. During the day they learn about service development, problem solving, communication and collaboration, social media and future work skills”, explains Maija Tenhunen, Tieto’s Senior Manager in Corporate Responsibility.

“About 22 000 students have visited Me & MyCity and got to know what Tieto is and what it does. Altogether 1000 of them have worked at the Tieto office. It is great to notice how students learn about professions they have never heard of before, get excited and build up their confidence and skillset.”

“I would like to become a digi dude” – girl power at Tieto office

Vilma HeiskanenSofia Honkanen and Rozan Abdul-Zattar students from Vartiokylä Comprehensive School in Helsinki, are trying out what a work day at Tieto Office feels like. During the day, they learn to collaborate, meet potential customers, sell and deliver products.

“l started my work day by learning about media literacy. Then I have answered e-mails, written blogs and updated the social media. I’ve learnt that at work place it is very important to be proactive, energetic and nice to others”, says Rozan with a smile.“Today I have applied a for a credit card and loan from Nordea, paid salaries to our employees, and held a presentation of Tieto in the village meeting – work life doesn’t feel so hard after all”, explains Sofia, a sixth-grade student from Helsinki.

“In the future, we would like to become doctors, actresses – or after today, perhaps even digi dudes”, Sofia and Vilma are laughing.

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