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Together for better lives

Cooperating in helping street children with education and life management skills.

Identity Foundation is a non-profit organization providing educational activities and opportunities to kids in slums around Pune, India. The foundation helps street children back to school and supports them in finding a better life through education and life management skills.

Tieto is the main partner of the organization and the close collaboration has continued for more than 12 years. Tieto partners with several non-profit organizations globally to develop local communities in close cooperation with the local business operations.

“Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our business – it is extremely important to give back to the societies we are operating in. Identity Foundation is our long-term partner and I am extremely happy to see that more than 8,000 children benefit from the program annually and it has had a real positive impact to the local communities”, says Satu Kiiskinen, Executive Vice President, Industrial and Consumer Services at Tieto.

Building a bridge back to education

There are hundreds of slums around Pune and over a million people reside in the slums of the city. Hundreds of thousands of children drop out of school every year due to learning problems, difficult living conditions, long distances and lack of support from their communities.   

Supported by Tieto, Identity Foundation operates with two buses that function as mobile learning centers. The buses reach hundreds of street and slum children every week providing them with school rides, educational activities, health support and safe, supportive environment to learn.

“There is a serious need for help in these areas. Our highly educated staff identifies children that have dropped out of school and supports them in growing the needed skills and knowledge – and eventually building a bridge back to education”, explains Sameer Datye, who works with Financial Services Business Development at Tieto and one of the founders of the organization.

Tieto donating a brand new learning center

The long-term consistent partnership has enabled the organization to build sustainable processes and to create trust and awareness in the slum areas. Tieto’s support covers the running cost of the busses, the salaries of the teachers and the drivers, the learning material, fuel and maintenance of the buses.

This year, Tieto sponsored one more new and modern school bus which will replace the other of the old ones.  The new bus will be taken into use after Indian summer holiday, in July 2018.

“With the new bus, we are able to operate at least 10–15 years ahead and ensure that help will be delivered also in the future. Thousands of children have already benefited from the program. They have found new direction and opportunities for their lives – some of them have continued their studies to university reaching careers in the city and helping their families out of the slums”, says Sameer Datye.

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