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Fighting digital inequality

Digital divide is growing. We collaborate with Startup Refugees to strengthen digital equality.

Finland is one of the most digitalized societies in the world, but the benefits of digitalization are not evenly distributed across the society. 

Digital divide and polarization is increasing all the time because knowledge, skills and benefits are not equally accessible to everyone in the society. Some groups and demographics are much better positioned to take advantage of the opportunities whereas some are not keeping the pace – for example elderly, children from underprivileged backgrounds or refugees and asylum seekers – are not having the right tools and competencies. The digital gap between refugees and the rest of the society is still wider and more complex than just a Wi-Fi password. 

If you want to help and get involved, join the network here

Tieto’s collaboration with Startup Refugees

Startup Refugees is a network that supports newcomers with starting businesses and entering the Finnish labor market. Tieto and Startup Refugees are collaborating to help refugees and asylum seekers to strengthen digital competencies and support the integration to the Finnish labor markets and the society. Finding work can change refugee’s life from passive to active, and it has several positive outcomes for the society.

As part of the collaboration, we organize workshops on digital skills for refugees focusing on their specific needs. In the tailored workshops, we go through basic IT skills together with participants who don’t have any digital background but also focused on more advanced topics, like Finnish IT landscape, online security practices, and tips for creating a convincing resume with more experienced participant who already have background in IT.

“Today's world requires active participation from businesses to tackle societal challenges. Digital inequality is constantly growing globally, and it is our responsibility to do our share and help narrowing the gap”, says Kia Haring, Head of Global Communications and Sustainability at Tieto.

Workshops on everyday skills, online security and creating resumes

The purpose of the collaboration is to support refugees and asylum seeker in developing their digital skills and knowledge.

Together with Startup Refugees we have organized workshops on digital skills for refugees throughout the year. The first sessions, led by Tieto volunteers, took place during May 28th and June 18th at Tieto HQ in Helsinki, and over 50 refugees and asylum seekers attended.

The focus of the first workshop was basic IT skills whereas the second one was targeted for participants with more experience and background in IT.

“The workshop was very useful. We learnt about Finnish IT landscape, online security practices, and received tips for creating a convincing resume. It’s not easy to find a job in Finland and learning new skills constantly is a necessity”, says Sajjad Haider Dhwai, a 21-year-old refugee from Iraq, who attended the second workshop.

“We’ve been very pleased to start the program with Tieto. Our main goal is to support integration and employment of the refugees – finding work can change refugee’s life from passive to active, and it has several positive outcomes for the society”, says Liban Abdi, Coordinator at Startup Refugees.


Workshop tailored for only women was full of participants from different backgrounds. The workshop was organized on November 1st, 2018 at Tieto headquarters in Espoo. 

The all-woman workshop focused on online security and in strengthening digital skills that are needed in everyday life.

Click the image to watch the video about the collaboration. 


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