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Societal engagements

We believe that we can create lasting value by choosing partners that develop societies and support our business.

Tieto has long experience from collaborating with societal engagement partners. During 2019, we continued our cooperation with Identity Foundation and Lila Poonawalla Foundation in India and Children and Youth Foundation in Finland. We also started new collaborations in 2018 with StartUp refugees in Finland, HelloWorld in Sweden and Gi bort dagen in Norway.

Identity Foundation helps underprivileged children

Founded in 2003, Identity Foundation is a charitable trust in Pune, working with underprivileged children. We have supported Identity Foundation's Mobile Learning and Infotainment Centre (MLIC) buses since 2007. In the two mobile learning and infotainment buses underprivileged children, such as street children, can get literacy as well as life skills education. The MLIC’s also serve as information facilities by giving children exposure to positive entertainment and providing useful information.

Lila Poonawalla Foundation empowers women to pursue higher education

Lila Poonawalla Foundation (LPF) is an Educational Trust in India whose vision is to contribute to the empowerment of Indian women by supporting academically outstanding and financially deserving girls, through a scholarship to pursue higher education. 

The Children and Youth Foundation

The Children and Youth Foundation supports children and youths in achieving their dreams by organising workshops and discussing the skills that are needed in future work life.

Driving inclusion through StartUp Refugees

StartUp Refugees supports refugees in improving their digital skills, learning new tools and coaching them with business skills in Finland, one of the most digitalized societies in the world. Read more about the collaboration in a blog by StartUp Refugees’ Executive Director Elisa Vepsäläinen.

Contributing to the society with Gi-bort-dagen

Gi-bort-dagen provides guidance and support for organizations that wish to contribute to society. Gi-bort-dagen will match employees with specific projects based on societal needs and internal competencies.

Startup Refugees is a network that supports newcomers with starting businesses and entering the Finnish labor market. Tieto and Startup Refugees are collaborating to help refugees and asylum seekers to strengthen digital competencies and support the integration to the Finnish labor markets and the society. Finding work can change refugee’s life from passive to active, and it has several positive outcomes for the society. Read more about our efforts to decrease digital inequality here

Identity Foundation is a non-profit organization providing educational activities and opportunities to kids in slums around Pune, India. The foundation helps street children back to school and supports them in finding a better life through education and life management skills.

Tieto is the main partner of the organization and the close collaboration has continued for more than 12 years. Read more about our cooperation with Identity Foundation here

Tieto is proud to be an official partner of Pride Helsinki 2019. Read more about our participation in Pride here. 

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