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Ethical culture

Our dedication to business ethics, diversity and inclusion means we can offer our staff a fair and equal workplace. We believe better work is done by staff who feel safe, understood and supported.

Tieto's Code of Conduct

For us the implementation of ethical values and work practices are vital parts of our responsibility, and we have zero tolerance for any unethical behaviour. Our ethical values are outlined in internal rules as well as our Code of Conduct (the Code), which is aligned with local legislation as well as international norms and guidelines.

But our approach to business ethics is not only compliance-based, it is intended to create a culture based on transparency and openness. Diversity, equality and inclusion are integral part of the culture, which aim at making employees feel included, empowered, able to influence their work and together contribute to an inspiring working environment.

Read more about our approach to business ethics and integrity, and how we work with inclusion.

Below you can find our Code of Conduct in six languages. 

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