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Being an ethical forerunner

Being an ethical forerunner means being a good example as a corporate citizen, internally and externally, in all our operating countries.

Ethical culture

Ethics for us means taking diversity and equality seriously and actively promoting and communicating them as an integral part of our corporate culture. It means preventing corruption in any form, and always complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations governing anti-bribery and corruption – wherever we operate.

Our ethical values are outlined in our Code of Conduct, which is aligned with local legislation as well as international norms and guidelines. Our Code applies to all our operations and to any party that contributes to our services, products and other business activities. Read more about our Code and other corporate rules.

Ethics for us also means recognising the competence, motivation and well-being of our employees. All of these are key for our long-term success as a company and corporate citizen. Therefore, we strive to offer a workplace and an environment built on openness and transparency – an open-source culture supporting innovation and development for the individual as well as for us as a company. Read more about our approach to diversity and inclusion and our ethical culture


Information security and data privacy

As one of the largest IT service providers in Northern Europe, we recognise that any disturbance in IT infrastructure or IT systems involving customers can have an immediate impact on a large number of users, whether in their professional or private lives. For this reason, information and cybersecurity must be part of any process, delivery or work that we do. Our security arrangements aim at predicting, preventing, detecting and responding to different types of attacks and incidents.

Risk management, business continuity, awareness and well-functioning security services are all important building blocks for establishing and maintaining a good cybersecurity resilience. Our solutions, services and internal processes are continuously monitored. Furthermore, we continuously increase information security awareness among employees through e-learnings, conferences and training partners. Our cyber-capability maturity assessment is conducted on an annual basis, and our three-year cybersecurity plan aims at continually improving our overall cyber-resilience. More information about information security and data privacy at Tieto can be found here


Equal opportunities

The ICT industry is developing at a rapid pace. We strongly believe that a wide mix of people, regardless of gender, age or cultural background, is important for us to remain competitive and offer an inspirational workplace. Therefore, diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our open-source culture and core Human Resource activities, such as recruitment, salary revisions and talent programmes. We provide equal opportunities for all employees and are committed to the principle that all employees shall be treated with equal respect and dignity and shall be provided with equal opportunities to develop themselves and their careers. 

At the end of 2017, 72% (72%) of personnel at Tieto was male and 28% (28%) female. The IT industry is generally still male-dominated and an equal division of male and female employees will be difficult to achieve in the short-term. To steadily increase the number of women in the company, Tieto implements country-specific equality initiatives based on local requirements and needs, and successes in these have been recognized, for example, with the Gold Membership of the Oda Network in Norway and the Sandvik Diversity Award by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India.

Tieto Sweden was the first IT company in the world to receive gender equality certification from the Swiss EDGE Certified Foundation at the end of 2015 (valid for two years), and received it again in 2017. This certification represents the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality. It assesses policies, practices and numbers across five different areas of analysis: equal pay for equivalent work, recruitment and promotion, leadership development training and mentoring, flexible working and company culture. Furthermore, Tieto Sweden also gives out the IT-woman of the year prize, on Universum Awards for Professionals to highlight gender equality.

Tieto’s approach to diversity and inclusion is mirrored in appointments to jobs, rewarding and personal success, which are based on individual ability and performance. In organizational development, Tieto strives to have management positions increasingly represent females, young professionals and different nationalities. The share of women in senior management positions reached 22% (21%) at year-end. By 31 December, Tieto Leadership Team consisted of six men and three women and Tieto’s Board of Directors of seven men and two women.

Read more about equal opportunities .

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