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Matti Airas / 9.1.2020
The five ways of developing or sourcing a machine learning model
If your business problem is narrow, your only option is to develop or source the machine learning model yourself.
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The five ways of developing or sourcing a machine learning model

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Imagine the world where everything is designed with a human-centric approach. When you start with people in mind, you are likely to win today and tomorrow. Today is Monday. It means you don't need to imagine world like that. You get to create it. 💪🏻#mondaymotivation

What value and business benefits does cloud maturity bring? Read more in our report. #cloudservices #cloud #cloudmaturity

.@TomiTeikko visited Future: Distributed's podcast to discuss some big questions, like: how can a building be #empathic? #empathicbuilding #smartbuildings #feedback

Who are the people behind the #AI algorithms and what does #machinelearning lifecycle management mean? @Emmraj7 shares his insights.

Study proves the business value of cloud maturity for large organizations. See facts in our study. #cloudservices #cloud #cloudmaturity

Feeling honoured for the recognition: Tieto received a very positive ranking in ISG’s Next-GEN ADM report @webwire @ISG_News #ApplicationDevelopment #ApplicationManagement #DevOps

As 2020 begins, discover the 4 key trends #banks should watch out for this year to improve their customer satisfaction. #CX

Cloud mature organizations have 29 % more resources for innovation than immature organisations. See all facts in our Cloud Maturity report. #cloudservices #cloud #cloudmaturity

Check out which option would be the best for your #machinelearning model:

.@ClubCoSpace in #Singapore wants to create a #coworking space where their members can truly perform at their best. Read more how #EmpathicBuilding solution is supporting this goal

Forbes listed 3 things that make workers happy: ✔️Autonomy ✔️Connection to others, ✔️Mastery - getting better at what you do How about you? What would your dream workplace be like? #brighterfuture

A brand-new year, a bright new start. For us, and for you. Bringing #digitaladvantage to businesses and societies throughout the whole world, together with you. TietoEVRY is live: Welcome, 2020. Welcome, @TietoEVRY. A brighter future. Together. ☀

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