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Strategic partnership with Microsoft in public cloud services

Together we bring world leading expertise to help our customers to capture the benefits of both public and private cloud services.

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TietoEVRY in social media

Sign up today for our #webinar on June 10 to explore the possibilities the new #P27 #payments platform can create for your business! Register here:

What are the 5 key areas to focus on when designing innovative #RealTime #payment systems that meet the demands of consumers and businesses? Read the blog by Ilkka Korkiakoski @ikorkiakoski to find out.

Digital identity, request to pay and proxy services are key value-added services that fuel #RealTime #payment adoption. Read the blog post by Ilkka Korkiakoski to learn what use-cases these services enable for real-time payments.

Join our #webinar on June 10 to find out more about the important factors your business should consider as #P27 executes the roll-out plan. Register here:

Recently @skjarvinen was interviewed for the article featuring #AI for safer traffic. Read Sami’s insights Thanks, @tuulilasi for the great story in April issue. #autonomouscars #ADAS #automotive

Does your team speak #data? As it's too easy to get lost in the data world's various terms, we created a data glossary to help you out. Make sure you know the essential data terms 👉🏼 #digitaladvantage

Most of us use @MicrosoftTeams for chatting and keeping meetings. But did you know that there are plenty of applications inside Teams that ease up your work even more? Niina Nykänen shares her best tips for getting to the next level 👉🏼

We are excited to announce Harri Salomaa's appointment as Head of Product Development Services #PDS and a member of our Group Leadership Team. Read more:

TietoEVRY and Finland’s Legal Register Centre (@Oikeusrekisteri) have signed a new contract for the further development of digital citizens’ services. Driving #digitalization

Join us at POSTTRADE 360° Web Summit on June 3rd where @HeleneHelvik will share some perspectives on how to bring democracy and simplicity to the #Nordic #CapitalMarkets community.

Hate speech is a growing problem in society. Working together with young people and the Children and Youth Foundation, we are now trying to find a solution to this social challenge. Read more: @LNSaatio #hatespeech

What will be the role of value-added services in the development of #RealTime #payment systems of the future? Read more in Ilkka Korkiakoski’s blog.

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