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Gloves and hat still fit! Glasses were a bit tight squeeze. Have a Faaancy Friday everyone!#fancyfriday #tietoevryee

tietoevryee 22 mai

Some thoughts from @tuuli.sofia on how to battle fear and worry ・・・ Your energy is precious.Where is your energy flowing?I have been recently introduced to a concept of “worry hour”. Have you heard of it? The idea basically is that you choose one hour of the day, when you are allowed to scroll through the latest news and worry about all those things that are in your mind in that moment. When the worry hour has finished, the rest of the day is worry free (or that is the goal eventually). Naturally there is transition when the thoughts needs to be consciously redirected towards something that gives you new energy. For me it helps to move, I might prepare a smoothie, cup of coffee or talk with a friend.I invite you to practice this with me this week. Create a worry hour for yourself. Become aware of where is your energy flowing. Have a pause or two during the day to observe your thoughts, words and actions.Where you are directing your energy - is it helpful or harmful?This is a practice, so key is to be patient and gentle towards yourself. Also helps to keep in mind that worry is fear in disguise, and fear is not real. It is as realistic to be positive as negative.. Practicing 4th of the Yamas:Brahmacharya - Moderation in all things, of body, mind and speech

tietoevryee 14 apr

Virtual coffee break - ️Another home office week - ️Still happy - ️Time to enjoy the weekend now! #tietoevryee #homeoffice #bettertogether

tietoevryee 27 märts

Happy Spring and Happy Friday!️Home office pic(k)s from our colleagues this week! #homeoffice #tietoevrytogether #tietoevryee

tietoevryee 20 märts

Delivering the brighter future and hopefully some sun @votitulevikku Come get some popcorn and let's discuss your next career move! #tietoevry #geekoffcamp2020

tietoevryee 03 märts

Estonian Independence Day and Shrove Tuesday means 250 sweet buns decorated with miniflags! #tietoevry #independenceday #shrovetuesday

tietoevryee 25 veebr
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