E-invoicing with Tieto

E-invoicing is an efficient way how to cut costs, streamline processes, reduce errors and protect the environment, so we encourage our partners to use e-invoicing to make handling of invoices more easier for both the invoice sender and receiver.

Tieto and its subsidiaries will adopt electronic invoicing and therefore will stop handling paper and pdf invoices in Finland, Sweden and Norway, but we prefer that e-invoices are sent also in other countries. If you are sending paper invoices, we would like to encourage you to start using e-invoicing.

There are three connectivity options for Tieto’s suppliers:

1)   Sending e-invoices to Tieto via your existing operator or bank connection;

2)   Using Tieto Supplier Web Application (portal) for manual invoicing with Tieto free of charge;

3)   Concluding an e-invoice service agreement with Tieto.

More information on the connectivity options can be found under the section Important links.

If you are already capable of sending e-invoices to Tieto, please know that our e-invoicing operator for all Tieto Corporation is Tieto Oyj and operator’s code is 003701011385. Electronic invoicing addresses (EDI codes) can be found under Important links / Tieto invoicing addresses.pdf

E-invoicing is happening today - be a part of it!