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Zuzana Mánková


Insights from our social media

From being the new oil, in many respects, #data starts to resemble a commodity – or even a publicly owned utility. Read Dmitry's blog and learn, how the role of data changes and what challenges this transformation brings 👉

What are the #benefits of #RequestToPay to consumers, #banks and merchants? Find out in the latest blog by Sami Uski:

When our everyday life changes, so does our need for #services and #solutions. Here are a few examples on how new functionalities and solutions recently made their ways into society👉🏻:

What are the six key benefits when changing from monolith to microservices architecture? Farrah Farooq shares her tips and passion for microservices in her latest blog post 👩‍💻 #DevOps #APIOps #cloud

Greetings from China Paper Industry Chamber of Commerce (CPICC) and Shanghai International Pulp Week 2020 where TietoEVRY was one of the keynote speakers. Read about our services: #pulpindustry #pulpandpaper #paperindustry

Comprehensive utilization of #data helps to boost the performance of top athletes in Finland. Read experiences of the successful collaboration project between the Finnish Olympic Committee, TietoEVRY and Polar! @Olympiakomitea @PolarGlobal @Sitrafund

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