Key to success in new market segments?

A leading Swedish technical consultancy, was seeking a Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) solution to improve their employees’ ability to work together faster, easier and more efficiently.

But a key element was missing: tight integration of fixed, VoIP and mobile telephony to meet their communication and collaboration needs. Tieto and TeliaSonera partnered to provide the customer with a single voice solution.

Results in brief

  • Mobile phone with fi xed number as primary and only phone for 95% of employees
  • Voice as a service from TeliaSonera
  • IT and Workplace outsourced to Tieto

 Voice is a critical component of UCC

In today’s fast moving business must enterprises IT and voice solutions blend together in one common infrastructure to be able to react to the changes that today’s business world demands.

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) solutions are all about exchanging information both from end-users but also on machine to machine basis. This drives the need for integrated solutions where no part is isolated. Voice is a critical component of UCC but often the least integrated part in the IT-infrastructure.

Tieto's solution

Tieto deliver an UC-Gateway that bridges the gap between Mobile Network and Lync VoIP, both telephone numbers and presence can be integrated between the networks. Tieto UC gateway is a flexible solution that can be adapted to most of the Mobile Networks on the market thanks to Tieto deep knowledge in Telecom R&D.

Having the UC-Gateway makes it possible to integrate telephone from mobile networks with VoIP number and at the same time make presence available between the networks. UC-Gateway is located in the mobile network and no adaptation is needed at the companies Lync solution. This makes the solution cost effective and scalable in the way operators expects from a solution. 

The customer was provided a single voice solution

Tieto and TeliaSonera partnered to reduce complexity in VoIP and fixed telephone networks by providing the customer with a single voice solution. The benefits include easier collaboration, higher voice quality and helping the customer focus on their core business by having a single service provider interfacing as the development partner.

Tieto has a deep knowledge of IT for enterprise but also a deep relationship with network equipment providers and telecom operators.
One crucial component to integrate is the mobile telephone and Tieto has unique partnership with Microsoft of how that can be done today and in the future. Combining Tieto’s knowledge of IT-outsourcing with telecom core infrastructure and R&D makes it possible to build a solution that enables new functionality and support enterprises in their UCC journey.

Today is many enterprises in the process of moving IT/Voice into the cloud. We see that this will be the way for the future but we can also see that that there will be a need for on-premise solutions for a long time. Regardless of which solution is best for the end customer can Tieto together with network equipment providers and telecom operators build a solution that delivers value today and tomorrow..

“People can easily adopt new ways of working when the introduction of tools is almost invisible, meaning that there is no revolution in everyday work, merely an evolution"

A leading Swedish technical consultancy



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