Tieto supports Uplift Mutuals, India, with digital micro insurance for health protection solution pro-bono

For the underprivileged in India, access to medical insurance is still a challenge. Thanks to successful partnership between Tieto and Uplift Mutuals, a local not for profit organization, low-income families in the unorganized sector in India today can benefit from easy access to health insurance and fast settlement of claims through a web-based solution. For Tieto, this initiative is one part of our sustainability work and social engagement in the local communities where we operate.

Uplift Mutuals was founded in 2004 and has emerged out of the needs to access quality health care at reasonable costs. The Uplift Mutuals model helps local communities to setup and run mutual health insurance schemes protection products, and complements public social security schemes.

Today, approximately 200 000 people in Maharashtra and Rajasthan have joined the Uplift Mutual micro insurance for health. Under Uplift Mutual’s model, low income families share their health risks and get access to mutual micro insurance for financing their medical treatments and hospital visits. The program has a strong health care access component that includes access to a network of hospitals covered by the Uplift Mutuals Health Program, and offers a 24/7 medical help line to get medical advice on phone. In addition, preventive activities such as health camps and health talks are conducted to create hygiene and healthcare awareness. 

Health Camp
Photo source: Uplift Mutuals


“To facilitate settlements of health insurance claims for underprivileged people, we have developed and provided Uplift Mutuals with a SaaS offering, replacing the often time-consuming manual work,” says Titiksha Mukherjee, Director of Oil and Gas at Tieto India, and initiator of the Uplift cooperation.

“Since the start in 2012, this solution has been developed in partnership with Uplift Mutuals. With our web-based solution, settlement of claims have shortened from around one month to seven days or sometimes even 48 hours,” continues Titiksha Mukherjee. 

In addition to accelerating settlement of health insurance claims, and easing the burden for low-income families to fund their health issues, the web-based SaaS solution provides an easy-to-use process for expanding the micro insurance for health program to cover more communities. Furthermore, it has helped to reduce operational costs for Uplift Mutuals. 

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Tieto. What started as an idea a few years ago has developed into a well thought process supporting a community based movement,” says Kumar Shailabh Executive Director of Uplift Mutuals. “We have also managed to reduce operational costs with 15 percent, as a lot of transactions can be done on the field, for instance registration of members, issuing of membership cards, and recording of premium payments.” 

Issuing of Health Mutuals Program membership cards
Photo source: Uplift Mutuals


In 2014, the solution was rolled out to three partners of Uplift with approximately 10 000 health insurance policies covering almost 40 000 members.  

“We are excited about the value we are providing to the local communities and feel inspired to continue the work together with Uplift Mutuals to roll out the solution to the other states in India, and to offer the service also on mobiles,” says Titiksha Mukherjee. 

The pro-bono work for Uplift Mutuals is conducted part-time by Tieto employees and through a group of interns recruited every year at Tieto India. This creates a good platform for freshers to work in end to end product development life cycle and later on a great opportunity to become a Tieto employee. 

Nilesh Sahasrabudhe, Country Manager of India says: “Our cooperation with Uplift Mutuals is a really unique one. We are also proud to be engaged with other initiatives such as Tieto’s yearly philanthropic donations, granted among others Identity Foundation and their Mobile Learning Centre Buses for underprivileged children in Pune, and Lila Poonawalla Foundation.” 

Identity Foundation is a charitable trust working with underprivileged children. Lila Poonawalla Foundation is an educational trust supporting academically outstanding and financially deserving girls through scholarships to pursue higher education. In addition to these initiatives, Tieto India is conducting many employer engagement activities together with other NGO’s. On Group-level, Tieto has also made philanthropic donations to Me&MyCity, Finland, (learning concept) and Mattecentrum in Sweden (math tutoring).