Easy way to ensure connectivity in converging networks?

When our customer, a worldwide information technology company, needed to upgrade the voicemail system for a leading European telecom operator, Tieto was chosen to deliver the signaling solution.

Is there an easy way to ensure connectivity in converging networks?A few years ago, the telecom operator started the process of implementing a new voicemail system for its mobile and fixed networks and turned to our customer.

Results in brief

  • Smooth migration from legacy SS7 to SIP signaling
  • Enabling of new services. In this case a solid foundation for a voicemail system
  • Increased fault tolerance
  • Improved carrier-grade reliability
  • Global interoperability

The customer called upon Tieto to upgrade its voicemail system with the latest technology. The task was tangible and challenging: upgrade the mobile network with 30 million mailboxes, and the fixed network with four million mailboxes. Our customer also had an option to deliver, voicemail system to the telecom operator’s fixed VoIP clients with approximately 7 million mailboxes.

Tieto’s solution

Tieto delivered an adapted SIP signaling solution that provided easy migration from existing SS7-based platform. Tieto will also deliver an adapted ISUP solution as for the fixed circuit switched network.

  • Upgrade existing TCAP solution to the latest software version
  • Customization of SIP signaling solution
  • Support for installation and deployment
  • Training of customers local maintenance and support personnel
  • Product deliveries of Signaling for Linux and Stack-in-a-Box system, including capacity licenses

By supporting both traditional and new telecom signaling, our signaling and protocol gateways are important components in next-generation networks and service platforms. They give customers – operators and service providers – the opportunity to benefit from previous investments, by gradually upgrading their solutions.


Tieto’s signaling solution enabled our customer to establish a solid foundation for the voicemail system they were about to develop for their customer. Tieto Signaling solutions are designed to accelerate the convergence of networks and services. By providing scalability, global interoperability, fault tolerance, carrier-grade reliability, and APIs on open computing platforms, we provided our customer with a robust and flexible solution for their customer.

Tieto is one of the world’s leading suppliers of standardized signaling solutions, providing the greatest possible flexibility and interconnectivity between different types of signaling transport networks." - Jörgen Tränk, Strategic Product Manager, Tieto Signaling Products




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