The CleverHealth Network delivers digital healthcare innovations

The CleverHealth Network is a novel ecosystem for developing healthcare innovations. In this ecosystem coordinated by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), Tieto collaborates on data-based healthcare solutions — like the HUS-DataLake. This new way of working enables agile healthcare innovations and the implementation of original solutions within as little as six months according to Miikka Korja, Chief Innovation Officer at HUS and Matti Ristimäki, Director of Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing at Tieto.

Healthcare development requires continuous digital innovations. One requirement for these types of innovations is a novel form of collaboration between the public and private sectors. The CleverHealth Network — established in the autumn of 2017 — responds to this challenge by bringing together Finland’s leading healthcare experts, unique health data collected by HUS and the technological competence of 14 companies. Traditionally, HUS has developed healthcare solutions with individual partners, but in the new ecosystem, digital applications are innovated by healthcare experts and multiple companies across different projects. In the CleverHealth Network, all participants work towards a common goal: creating real health benefits for Finns.

At HUS, nearly 100% of patient data is digital — which is unique even on a global scale. HUS wants to further exploit their great wealth of data in order to offer even more high-quality healthcare and to develop cutting-edge medical research.

“In the CleverHealth Network, the participating companies pursue projects that suit their specific expertise. Therefore, it is possible to process data more quickly and more efficiently — now, innovative solutions can be put into use within just six months, even though medical research projects normally take several years”, explains Miikka Korja, Chief Innovation Officer at HUS.

Ecosystems thrive on trust and transparency

In order for the CleverHealth Network to produce meaningful innovations, trust and transparency among all parties is essential. In this ecosystem — like in the academic world — the participants must share their expertise with others, even if some are their competitors. More importantly, the information is utilized in pursuit of a common goal — i.e. creating health benefits — and not for individual companies’ own product or service development.

“In the CleverHealth Network, everyone wins. The companies get real and meaningful ideas for their product and service development and can also learn a lot from each other, while HUS obtains new solutions that will create true wellbeing for Finns”, says Matti Ristimäki, Director of Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing at Tieto.

HUS-DataLake makes data readily available for innovation

Tieto is part of the CleverHealth Network, where it actively participates in the innovation and development of data-based solutions while creating new features for the patient data management system. The HUS-DataLake — created by the HUS Data Administration department and Tieto — occupies a key position in the CleverHealth Network’s projects.

“The data lake is a so-called big data solution that enables data collection from various HUS data systems into one place. In addition, the data lake enables the integration of all available data about a single individual from across different systems, and it also improves the quality of handwritten data, making it more usable by AI solutions”, explains Matti Ristimäki.

“The data lake offers significant benefits for healthcare development. It enables the utilization of data to create predictive algorithms for individual patients or larger populations. Moreover, the data can be pseudonymized or anonymized, thus preventing individual people from being identified. In this way, the data can be used in collaborative projects with companies, without giving access to any personalized data. This is a fast track for developing new treatments and technologies”, Miikka Korja says.

The future of healthcare is promising

All participants have been extremely pleased with the first steps of the CleverHealth Network. If the impressive pace continues, there exist possibilities for expanding the ecosystem to include more of the hospitals’ ideas and more startups. Indeed, the ecosystem possesses great possibilities for health technology-driven startups, as it enables agile testing of the solutions in a real-world hospital environment.

In the future, we are likely to see even more unique, digital healthcare innovations that improve the wellbeing of all Finns.