Metsä Wood Online: Revolutionizing customer experience in the wood industry

Metsä Wood wanted to simultaneously improve customer experience and make its business model scalable. The objective was to grow and have more customers globally without increasing Metsä Wood’s cost base. We helped Metsä Wood achieve significant internal transformation, a scalable business model and clearly improved customer satisfaction with Metsä Wood Online.

Creating a scalable business model that improves customer experience

While the rest of the world has gone online, up until now this has been unheard-of in the wood industry, which relies on very conventional processes.

At the start of the cooperation with Tieto, Metsä Wood’s business model was highly complex. Every product order was customized. All transactions were handled by sales personnel, all the way from inquiry to final delivery and feedback. While the process was customer oriented, it was neither scalable nor efficient.

Metsä Wood wanted to transform its complex, tailor-made business model into a simple, scalable business model that would enable the growth of customers and sales without increasing fixed costs.

“The transformation internally has been massive. The whole logic of how the organization works had to be turned around with Metsä Wood Online. Traditionally this business has been 100% analogue and 100% de-centralized. Our challenge was to make this very complicated tailor-made business model into something that is digital and simple. We achieved this goal and our customer satisfaction has increased clearly. We are a pioneer in doing this. Nobody else has done anything similar.”

Mikko Saavalainen, Senior Vice President, Business Development Metsä Wood

An end-to-end e-commerce platform for the wood industry

Metsä Wood Online revolutionizes the buying and selling process of industrial wood products.

It is the first industrial end-to-end, e-commerce platform for wood products where customers have complete transparency to inventory, availability and pricing. They see the status of their orders and deliveries not only in Metsä Wood’s stock, but also during production and delivery.

“Track and Trace” is a key feature of Metsä Wood Online. It enables customers to find every detail of their order, and send feedback and make claims online. All relevant documents, such as invoices, are also instantly available in the system.

Metsä Wood Online is personalized to each customer and individual user. Customers can access all Metsä Wood’s digital services from one place with one user name and password.

Metsä Wood’s customers naturally still receive personal service, but it focuses on meaningful and value-adding issues rather than merely funnelling information.

With Metsä Wood Online, Metsä Wood has achieved a massive internal transformation. The entire logic of how the organization works has been turned around and customer satisfaction has increased clearly.

We transformed a very complicated tailor-made business model into something that is digital and simple

We approached the challenge with a very agile way of working, starting from a clean slate with mutual workshops, in which we worked out what kind of features were needed for Metsä Wood Online.

The project advanced in stages. We created prototypes of the service along the way, and once the prototype was fine-tuned, it was introduced internally at Metsä Wood and presented to Metsä Wood’s customers. The prototype worked as a tool not only for building the service, but also to transform Metsä Wood’s organization.

Metsä Wood Online was launched in autumn 2017. Metsä Wood was a forerunner in the wood industry when it introduced its e-commerce platform. Just one year before the launch, a customer survey had showed that only 1/15 of wood industry customers might be interested in such a service – but after the launch, customers rapidly started using the service. Today Metsä Wood Online is Metsä Wood’s main sales channel, with usage rates continually rising. The e-commerce site works well, it receives good feedback, and Metsä Wood’s overall customer satisfaction has clearly improved.

About the customer

Metsä Wood provides competitive and environmentally friendly wood products for construction, industrial customers and distributor partners. It manufactures products from northern wood, a sustainable raw material of premium quality.
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