How to explain signaling errors to an operator?

A Canadian operator assumed an error was caused by our customer, a network equipment provider. Our customer turned to Tieto for help. We not only troubleshoot the error; we also explained the situation to the operator. Our customer got off the hook since the end customer, the operator, was fully satisfied with our explanation and could move on with its business.

Downtime must be kept to an absolute minimum when performing upgrades at a customer site. Troubleshooting during a maintenance window can be very stressful without the right competence or experience working in complex networks and with nodes from different vendors.

Results in brief

  • A better and faster understanding of signaling products
  • A quick start when using signaling products
  • Minimizing interoperability problems
  • Minimizing performance problems
  • Minimizing downtime when performing upgrades

New concepts introduced by the M3UA IETF standard, for example, are totally different from previous SS7 Sigtran concepts and require a lot of training to both understand and configure. This can present a major challenge for providers that require knowledge and experience. It can be hard to estimate the entire solution deployment effort and timing.

It can also be tricky to answer an operator that asks, for example: “Why is the SMSC delivering a double SMS message?”, “Why is the SIGTRAN association down again?”, “How can the radio network be congested after the installation of your node?” It can be complicated if the problem is on a network level. This is where signaling experts are required, who can analyze and explain and use terms that the operator is used to.

Tieto´s solutions

Tieto contributed to a successful deployment of our customers’ entire solution. We completed a smooth and cost-effective product deployment in less time than planned.

We achieved this based on our competence – especially about the SS7 ANSI Standard, to support the onsite deployment of our signaling product Stack-on-a-Card.

We know the requirements and expectations that many operators have and we catch new trends within signaling by performing services for different customers in different operator networks.

We are used to talking to operators in a way that builds trust and we know their way-of-working and terminology. We can discuss with the operator side-by-side with you if things get problematic. In this case, we helped our customer to say the right things (that is, use the correct terms to the operator about the problems that appeared and we helped them to explain why.


Tieto Signaling Professional Services is based on our solid know-how and in-depth understanding of the telecom industry. Rely on us to solve whatever connectivity problem you might have. Using network audits, training, expert consulting, and installation that work through the lifecycle, you may minimize interoperability problems and maximize, performance. Tieto’s professional services will significantly reduce your operational costs and includes everything from installation, deployment and customization, to expert consultation, signaling network audits, and training.'

Tieto helped us to say the right things and use the right terms to the operator – this explanation was totally fine for the operator and we got off the hook.”
A leading network equipment provider



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