Digital prestudy for Södra on target

Last spring, the forest industry group Södra embarked on a large-scale digital makeover. In the first preparatory phase, the foundation has been laid for a successful implementation of the future digital development project.
Annica Gerentz, Södra

Annica Gerentz, Södra

Södra is showing that it wants to be a cutting-edge example of how forestry companies can shift into the digital future,” says Niklas Agnesund of Imano, who has been team leader on the project.

The project has delivered both a group-wide vision, concept and design for digital channels, and an investigation and recommendation for how a future-compatible technology platform can be set up to accommodate the digital needs of the business and its target groups in the future.  

“Digitalisation is a key issue for us and the project has been given high priority by Södra’s management. With the first phase of the project now in place, we are now well prepared for what is to come. Imano’s drive and commitment has been a great help, but we now have a great deal of internal work to start on,” comments Annica Gerentz, Director of Communications and project manager at Södra.  

The project has been run in several parallel sub-projects with a great many key people internally, and with external expertise from Imano, EPiServer, Microsoft and several other IT-suppliers. Important factors have been strengthening the experience of “one Södra — a cohesive group”, and creating opportunities for improved working methods, increased mobility, improved accessibility and reliability. Imano has played a crucial role with main and sub-project managers, business know-how and technical expertise. 

“The aim of the project has been not only to increase understanding for the digital opportunities that are emerging, but also to gain a more concrete plan to develop and agree on a direction for Södra’s digital presence,” says Niklas Agnesund.

In the autumn the next phase of the project started, which will develop a new public website that will become the hub for Södra’s external target groups. This phase also includes the introduction of a new digital workplace based on Office365 which will supply new internal digital tools and a new intranet.

Imano Tieto acquired Swedish consulting company Imano in November 30, 2015.




Niklas Agnesund
Digital Project Leader Forest Sweden
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