Custom IT solutions for leading global technical company


How scalable IT can support in the acquisition of new businesses worldwide
The leading technical company ÅF AB was looking for an IT partner to supply the company’s international offices. The IT solution had to be adaptable to their intentions to grow 15 percent every year and expand from 5 000 to 10 000 employees within the next three years. ÅF chose Tieto to facilitate the company’s expansion by delivering a global IT solution and a standardized and scalable infrastructure for the company’s 100 (and growing) offices. Tieto provided a new flexible cost model “Price-Per-Employee”. Since the new IT solution was introduced it has been easier for the company to calculate and predict costs when acquiring new companies.

The opportunity
Grow and expand within the next couple of years to be able to focus more on its core business and expand, ÅF hired Tieto as their IT partner back in 2007. ÅF managed to meet its goals, which contributed to new challenges in 2012. This time, the IT solution had to be more flexible to the company’s intentions to grow by 15 percent each year, and expand from 5 000 to 10 000 employees within the next three years. ÅF needed a common IT solution with high availability to the company’s global offices and at the same time be adaptable to the expansion of their business. The solution also needed to be adapted to improve efficiency for the employees with a unified global solution.

Service features provided by Tieto
Tieto delivered the global IT solution and standardized services for IT infrastructure. The solution includes:

• Server and storage services
• Improved and increased responsibility of service center
• Networks
• Printing
• Security solutions
• Workplace management, TWS and VDI
• Backup
• UCC and Web solutions
• On-site and consulting se

“We’re very satisfied with Tieto’s solution and delivery. It’s been an exciting and instructive challenge that demanded very close collaboration between ourselves and Tieto. The closeness of this relationship, coupled with the bespoke and flexible nature of the ‘Price-per-employee’ IT solution, has been one of the factors for success for the project. We can now develop in line with our needs in a seamless and cost-efficient manner”, says Magnus Vesterlund, CIO of ÅF


The Tieto Solution
New infrastructure and flexible cost control model, “Price-Per-Employee”. A number of actions were taken to meet ÅF’s plan to expand its business. Tieto facilitated the company by providing global IT solutions such as infrastructure services and governance for its offices worldwide. Tieto implemented the standardized IT solution to provide a uniform structure for the companies. The new global IT platform was based on standardized service and also scalable in order to be adaptable to different countries’ needs. A new flexible cost model ”Price-Per-Employee” was also developed by Tieto to meet ÅF’s needs and make it easier for the company to predict and control IT costs in the acquisition of new companies.

The project included 100 offices in 20 countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. The IT intensive and expanding company had great demands on their technical platform and Tieto as the provider. Therefore, it was essential for Tieto to back up ÅF with a complete IT solution, infrastructure and governance for its offices worldwide. Tieto implemented the standardized service that was scalable in order to be adaptable to different countries’ specific amendments, applications and services. Tieto’s development of “Price-Per-Employee” made it easier for ÅF to predict and control IT costs when acquiring new companies. The platform is based on a fixed price, “Employee All” which means that the fee is based on the company’s number of employees. More specific services can also be added to the service, country-by-country. For example: ÅF in Sweden got the most comprehensive service catalogue and add-on services per user in “Employee Sweden”.