Councillors pleased to be able to use the meeting application on their own devices

"The meeting application works very well on my Mac laptop and my iPad. It is a much better user experience when you can use the application on your own, familiar devices," says Hannu Oskala, a city councillor and member of the city board.
Valtuusto - Oskala - Rissanen

Hannu Oskala and Laura Rissanen

Helsinki's city councillors and board members have been able to use the Ahjo case management system's meeting application on their own devices since spring 2014. Previously, the meeting application could only be used on the city's own laptops. Now, forty councillors have already tried the new device-independent version using secure mobile identification. 

Oskala began using the new application on his own Mac laptop as soon as it became available. He has also used his iPad to view files while on the move.  

"I have been a Mac user for more than ten years and I bring my own laptop and iPad into work every day. There are meetings two or three times per week, so it felt rather strange to be carrying one of the city's laptops around solely for meetings. It is my first term in this position. I have been enthusiastic and open to changes," Oskala says. 

Oskala is satisfied that a modern solution has now been found for the meeting application. 

"The application works superbly on both of my devices. My laptop fits into a small bag and my iPad goes into my jacket's inside pocket. Changing from a heavy laptop to this has been great."

Significant savings when users' own devices are used

Laura Rissanen, like Oskala, is a city councillor and a member of the board. She began using the meeting application on a MacBook Air and an iPad as soon as it became available. "Why couldn't meeting documents also be viewed on a mobile phone? I think a tablet will do fine for now, though," Rissanen says.  

In Rissanen's opinion, the best thing about the new version is that it is not necessary to bring several computers to work. "I have not used the city's laptops since the new version was released."

As the use of device-independent applications becomes more widespread, the city stands to make clear savings. Like Rissanen, Oskala's computer has also been gathering dust since the new application became available.

"I believe that many other people would also prefer to use their own computers during meetings. If the city did not need to procure computers for councillors, we could save hundreds of thousands of euros every year," Oskala says.

Oskala has already experimented with signing meeting minutes electronically using his own devices. "The electronic signature function has been extremely handy, as has digitalizing the entire chain. I have been asking after this functionality for some time," Oskala says.