Tieto.com Portal terms and conditions approval

Please review the text below and send the basic information to us with the form. You will become your organization's main contact person and people in your organization can start to use the Tieto.com Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: Agree with your Tieto contact person about starting to use the Tieto.com Portal before sending this approval to us.

Tieto.com Portal - Generic Terms and Conditions

Tieto.com portal is an extranet service where Tieto’s employees and their internal and external peers collaborate and share information. By approving these terms and conditions you will make it possible for the people in your organization to access the Tieto.com portal. As the “Main Contact Person” you will be alerted by e-mail about new users and changes in access rights for the persons in your organization. You are also expected to inform Tieto about changes – persons leaving etc. – in your organization. 

Access to the Portal

Access and viewing, downloading, or using any of the materials published on this portal requires that each person in your organization agrees to the terms and conditions on the first time they log in to the portal (and also later, if the terms and conditions have changed). Tieto reserves the right to withdraw access at any time. 

Enabling the portal access for individual users may take several hours, and access to specific worksites is then given by your Tieto contact person or project manager. 

Data Security and Privacy

Tieto takes appropriate steps to maintain the security of all data on the portal. All information provided by the external party will be used in accordance with any applicable data privacy law and Tieto’s Data Privacy Policy, and will be held securely. Tieto will not share any information with any third party, except as needed to manage the events or features for which the external party’s persons will register.


The portal web pages are provided “as available” basis. Tieto reserves the right for short usage breaks and will notify the users about these breaks. The portal can be used with the new versions of the commonly available desktop browsers, such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Some small disabilities can be experienced with older versions and less common browsers.

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