Take the chance to make a difference

Still studying but starting to check what possibilities the IT industry could offer you? Well, we are happy to say that plenty! The IT industry is changing in a fast pace and at Tieto we are in the forefront of this change.

Tieto careers for students

We offer you the chance to make a difference. You will have opportunities to create new IT solutions, services and products that benefit not just our customers’ businesses but all of society. With our expertise and knowledge, Tieto is committed to develop enterprises and society through information technology towards a better functioning future.

Being a proper business partner to our customers requires that we consistently push boundaries, think different and change perspectives on the challenges that they face and on finding the solutions that can help them. 

After all, our ambition is not to enable our customers to run business as usual, but to help our customers accelerate their business! For us, it’s about being curious. It’s about collaboration. It’s about changing perspectives on challenges and solutions, seeing what’s coming next. And knowing how to apply this insight to help our customers cut through complexity and accelerate their business. And to be successful in this ambition we are passionate in interacting and offering different possibilities for students and fresh graduates to learn more about us and our industry.


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